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I wonder if there's a furiously masturbating furry dude who made priscilla and this vore bait, or if the entire fromsoft team is just degenerate
You got something to confess?
Probably the dude who wanted to give Gwynevere *****ing huge tits
Or...and stay with me here...they just wanted to create a half-dragon woman and a giant snake because they thought they would artistically beautiful, badsss, awe-inspiring, etc. or cool from a lore standpoint. I know, insanity that someone would create creatures in games without thinking about to have sex with them...The degenerate is the mirror my guy.
So i have a little theory that i wanted to share. On the Sekiro wiki there is written that there are 2 great serpents but i don't think that that is correct. I think that there is actually 1 Serpent that have 2 heads, one on each end of it's body. Some arguments 1: After you stab its eye and look on it while you are in the cave you can see that its running away backwards. ( and i don t think "normal" snake would do that") 2 You never see the end of its boddy 3 in the sekiro lore it's told that some people worshiped the Snake God and i m preatty sure that they would realize that theri is more of there gods 4 After you plunge attack its head its body is laying on the mountain but after a while it dissaperd so i suspect that the "other Half of Snake has pulled it to itself. ( it's not some super serious theory just a random stuff that i have come up with while playing the game over and over again)
I’m so-so on this theory. On one hand, it would make sense that two serpents said to grant betrothal would be conjoined, but at the same time, we kill one and the other is perfectly fine. And why would there be a second, rotted viscera left over inside the cave? There were probably even more of these serpents at one time, but now there are only two (and then one after we kill the first).
I have a pet king snake and whenever I boop his snoot without consent he reels him self up like a garden hose back into his hide. That's how snakes do.
You can get past its first encounter by either doing a very lucky dodge, resurrecting or using Ungo's Sugar to reduce damage taken (I'm in ng+ with 9/10 beads, but also bell and without charm active, so idk how feasible it'd be on a first turn) - Just get to the palanquin via stealth and there start running over, it'll try to eat you once but not follow you aimlessly as it does when you half-blind it. I don't know if this can have any consequences, I'm just writing this so that more people can look for those
Everyone who felt of the bridge after killing the snake dont worry you can get the items anyway well it is true you cant go back up there but you can buy the items from the little chest at the sculpturers place next to your immortal training partner
Wow, thanks, I felt off and cant reach it...
After Stabbing it's eye in the first encounter, the snake basically completely ingored me after the gun fort. I'm not sure if it's because she was blinded in that eye and didn't see me, or if it was the Gachiin's Spiritfall I was using at the time (this was done in ng+)
I think it looks really similar to the giant serpents in bloodborne
How many different ways do you think a giant snake can be made? It looks like every great serpent ever
Well, you know, they're games made by the same people, with some common artstyle, plus it's a giant snake, not a dragon. You can't add or change stuff, you only have length, size, and colour
Thought I was being clever when I killed the boss and then went to get the dried fruit, only to see the snake still there. I thought there was only one.
2 heads on different ends of the same snake, you only kill one half. (my theory, cus it's just that big/magical)
Anybody know if the one u stab in the eye remains if u return to the area?
You can hear him but I haven’t found him. And I’m not exactly being careful or cautious.
Yeah you may find his body in the sunken area. A bit of a glitchy mess.
There appear to be at least two serpents; one unharmed near the Dried Viscera and the other with a gouged out eye. Also all the statues of a Woman embracing a serpent in the Sunken Valley and near the first staff wielding monk in Senpou Temple seem to refer to the act of becoming a Cradle. The Large Fan also seems to connect the statues, Sunken Valley and Senpou Temple.
I think both snakes are actually the same, and it is just immortal.
then the second snake would have the scar from the stab that sekiro gave her