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Ride wife
By Anonymous
monkey fart
monkey poo poo
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I'm not seeing anything on this page mentioning how he has a weak spot on the left (his right) side? I'm pretty sure it's just that you have to hit on an angle to hit the sword in his neck (phase 1 obv), but yeah I think most of you have realised that's a spot where if you hit it twice he'll get temp stun, then hit a third time and he'll fall back and run away for a bit then do the poop combo.
By Anonymous
Incredibly fun fight. Took three tries for me
By Anonymous
See, this is the !@#@!# that drives me up the wall with Fromsoft games. How would I ever know to use a SPECIFIC PROSTHETIC at a EXACT SPECIFIC TIME after an EXACT SPECIFIC MOVESET.

Like, give me a break. Theres 'hard' and then theres 'just !#@%ing stupid'.

This is stupid.
By Anonymous
You don’t have to use the spear to beat him
By Anonymous
Not only do you not NEED the spear to beat him, the spear having this function makes sense. It's a tool that pulls things out, and since the worm likes to be inside people, it makes sense that you'd be able to pull it out of a headless enemy.
By Anonymous
This guy has like two "end the fight immediately" attacks for me. I hate this game so ****ing much let me finish it plz jsjdhsj
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