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By Anonymous
This has got to be one of the coolest and most twisted boss fights ever.

Can’t believe I waited this long to play this game!
By Anonymous
First phase, learn moveset and attack 1 to 4 times during openings. Just sprint but stay close enough that monke doesn't feel the need to charge at you. Firecracker is op here. Second phase, deflect every attack and avoid perilous.
By Anonymous
Oh and during second phase you want to chip health down until it makes posture damage stop healing
By Anonymous
Noob : wahhh this is the hardest boss I’m stuck

Pro: this boss is sick git gud

Like if your a pro
By Anonymous
This has got to be the lamest comment I’ve ever seen on this website.
By Anonymous
Im a pro. I beat it first try no deaths
By Anonymous
Wow you're a moron, you dont deserve the "git gud" motto *.
By Anonymous
I beat this and every other boss first try with only 1 or 2 heals needed
By Anonymous
go back to youtube tard
By Anonymous
Yeah, the people saying you're a ****ing idiot have a point. Stop baiting for likes. Nobody thinks you're a badass. And it's "you're," not "your."
By Anonymous
By Anonymous

I don't think that's not dumb
By Anonymous
twit ter argument
By Anonymous
are you like nine or smth
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By MatinArtorias
I beated him first try no beads no prostheic no ressurect no damage no combat art no dodge no jump no dodge no deflect
By Anonymous
Literally me fr fr. The first one I mean.
By Anonymous
Don't get fooled you can deflect every melee attack in phase 1 except grab. Initially phase 1 was pain for me too because when i first saw a huge ape my mind switched into souls mode. I ran like an idiot and thought of parrying never came in mind because its so irrational to parry huge ape hands. Then i realized every damn attack can be deflected and the grab is actually a sweep then it turned from an soul boss to sekiro boss. So its better and faster to fill its posture than to deplete vitality in phase 1.
By Anonymous
Yeah, how do I dodge the grabs because I keep trying to dodge them at close range and I do but then i get sucked back into the hitbox and just die immediately
By Anonymous
Corrupted monke
By Anonymous
His grab attack is broken, just like a lot of other mechanics in the game. If the back of his wrist grazes you, that's a successful grab and you are now dead.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
In my opinion the most annoying boss in the game
By Anonymous
yo i suck at this game
By Anonymous
Whoever wrote this guide is dumb

Phase 1 if you try block you’re going to get posture broken immediately

Just deflect
By Anonymous
Or alternatively bait the poop attack, stay far enough away and he'll stick his hand behind him, that's your cue to make a mad dash towards him, get behind him and slash 2x then firecrackers (can be bought from a merchant on a high cliff top above the house where you get the memory bell) and hit 5x rinse and repeat till deathblow. For phase 2 parry 2 slashes and he should stand up and drop use your loaded spear (can be found in house at ashina reservoir you need the gate house key from the guard on a bridge) and pull out the centipede then back up to avoid his screeching, wait for him to rush you and do that over and over till he dies.
By Zudeo
First Phase: Oil & Okinaga’s Flame Vent + Living Force melted him. Dodge his grabs (jumping away or to the side worked for me) and you’ll be fine.

Intermission: Healing Gourd, Mottled, Divine Confetti and make sure you have the Umbrella equipped.

Second Phase: Block/Defelect what you can or run. Attack during the openings. Use the umbrella to block the terror attack and strike.

He’ll be down before you know it. :)
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