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anyone knows where is this boss located? i only know that u have to interact with an altar and u will be teleported to the boss arena
You need to get the ingredients for the incense. Using those you can get into Fountainhead Palace. At the end of Fountainhead palace is the "sanctuary" statue. Just past that one is a little shrine which you can use to teleport to the boss.
I was wondering why he got only one arm? Does he got beaten the sh*t by Takeru, the first heir in order to get his tear?
I think it is inspired by the chinese word 夔 (kui) it means one-legged mountain demon or rain-god Kui variously said to resemble a Chinese dragon. seem to fit description no?
Is it just me or does he look like seath the scale less
I agree! In one of the endings it's also said that his birthplace is the west, he basically wields a MLGS and he is weak to lightning.
I feel soooo stupid for not realizing that earlier. He even has ties to a (possibly false) immortality. What a REFERENCE
Wish there was a way to maybe get an ability where you could summon a little dragon, a few seconds to hit some enemies, he just looks so cool
Not one of the old dragons of the tree tho, a mini version of him, the old dragons of the tree look nothing like a dragon
hes holding a spectral blade that can make progectiles...HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMST
One arm dragon, one arm protagonist. Coincidence ? I think not.
Straight up uses a Moonlight sword, or at least the projectiles seem to indicate that
What is skill name when sekiro do a giant swing after plunging attack?
It's a special plunging attack animation only for the first phase of this boss fight
This boss is opcional since i finished the game and didnt even see it.
It's mandatory for the other endings.
somebody only got the bad ending
You sir, are a monster for choosing to side with Owl and betraying your master
Then you got the bad ending, bro.