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By Anonymous
Takes forever with the difficulty modifiers. Like, yeah, I know his moves, I do be dodging his stomps and kabuki thing, but my hand's getting tired.
By Anonymous
just memorize first phase and figure out how to counter/evade them. second and third phases are very easy.
By Anonymous
My hate for this boss is enough to spawn another demon
By Anonymous
I fel exactly the same. The most unenjoyable time wasting piece of trash of a boss.
By Anonymous
I'm doing NG+ charmless right now. It took me 2 hours for owl father, then killed thus boss on my 1st try. Didn't use any consumables, prosthetic tools or weapon arts. Literally every move he does is simple to avoid and punish by sprinting, dodging or jumping. Forget about deflecting for this fight. Just stand infront of him and spam R1 and sidestep when he does the stomp. The most important thing: When he's far away, don't just run in on him because he will burn you, just let him come towards you and waste his attack.
By Anonymous
"A shinobi would know the difference between victory and honor" -People who cheesed DoH
By Anonymous
This ******* made me feel like a video game journalist
By Anonymous
big fire circle attack is a massive opening, just jump over the first swing and spam light attacks instead of running away
By Anonymous
note: should be closer to him to avoid the second swing
By Anonymous
This is just Laurence all over again. An extremely tanky mobile hard hitting boss who can end you in 2 seconds even if you did the fight flawlessly. Isshin is a harder boss and I loved him but this is just a mess that’s a chore to get through
By Anonymous
ngl the true corrupted monk took me longer the this guy
By Anonymous
I went into this fight thinking he was gonna be unbeatable and super annoying, but after beating him I think you guys just suck he was super fun.
By Anonymous
Imagine saying this while on a Wiki for the game you're saying is easy.
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