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By Anonymous
Hey, I've defeated this Boss, this video might be of use for this page You can found this Boss after defeating Divine Dragon, just head straight for the Gyoubu Oniwa arena, you will find a Sculptor's Idol at the front of the gate, interacting with it will teleports you to the boss fight.
By Anonymous
where do you go after that ?
By Anonymous
*SPOILER ALERT* ......... ......... I believe the demon were the sculptor himself
By Anonymous
I was wondering where he went! :O
By Anonymous
You're correct. If you unlock the last ability in the prosthetic tree, it speaks of the sculptor and his bodycount, mentioning the "flames of hatred" Also if you speak to the info merchant at the shrine and choose the "talk" option after the sculptor leaves, he'll give you a bit more insight.
By Anonymous
Another neat way of telling is the demons left arm is missing/made out of fire.
By Anonymous
The boss is very much optional tho.
By Anonymous
F for sculptor bro
By Anonymous
In case anyone is struggling with this boss: do NOT hug his leg and force him into melee as much as possible, the key factor in this boss is zoning The instant he jumps away from you do not rush after him to engage, instead let him come to you and dodge his long distance abilities until he eventually does his three strike combo with the big overhead that leaves him open long enough for you to run in and get a few hits in. It's a long fight so be careful and try to conserve healing as much as possible, good luck!
By Anonymous
worst advice on the page
By Anonymous
Yeah no. This is bad advice. If you are under his feet many of his attacks miss and you can parry his leg stomps.
By Anonymous
The Malcontent upgrade whistle works against him, stunning him. The Divine Confetti also works, meaning if you use both together you can take out half of a health bar by applying the buff, whistling, and then mashing R1 until you get hit.
By Anonymous
Are you 100% sure that the confetti deals increased damage to him? I've heard the opposite from other sources. I'd like to know before farming more confetti.
By Anonymous
^ Anon, yeah I can confirm it does more damage. But the shield is way more worth it for your emblem use.
By Anonymous
SPOILER If you speak to Fujioka the Info Broker after the Sculptor is gone, he tells you that the Sculptor wandered off to the battlefield muttering about "the flames". I am pretty sure this boss is in fact the Sculptor
By Anonymous
It definitely is the sculptor. The left arm is missing, replaced by the fiery appendage instead (Sculptor is the only other character we know who is missing their left arm. He's affected by the finger whistle (Belonged to the other shinobi he lived with who was killed by the guardian ape), and when you kill him it says "Wolf, Thank You..." The sculptor, Owl, Emma, and Kuro are the only characters who refer to Sekiro as "Wolf" and we know where Emma and Kuro are at that point in the game you've already killed Owl. The final bit of evidence is the Old Hag who will comment after you kill the Demon that Sekiro knew him from before. Sekiro will say he did not to which the hag will respond "It's probably best that you don't know." She then mentions how he failed to become Shura and turned into a demon instead. Sekiro is leaves a lot less ambiguity than Soulsborne does.
By Anonymous
Does anyone know if it’s possible to get locked off from this boss? I can’t find a way to get to this area again.
By Anonymous
A bonfire that I think is at the start of Ashina Castle will automatically teleport you into the area.
By Anonymous
In travel menu Ashina Outskirts at the bottom it shouldve created a new Idol
By Anonymous
An Important Tip, his charge attack that shows the red symbol can be dodged by Jumping. Besides that if you are not using any prosthetics to stun him simply mash at his legs and dodge his attacks as they are fairly easy to avoid. The biggest issue is his large health bar and 3 phases.
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