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what happens if you refuse to become his training buddy
Nothing, he just says to come back if you change his mind like every fromsoft game.
Not every choice, *spoiler* the Owl remembers your choice and won't let you change your mind in Ashina Castle.
Thats because hes a boss. Bosses dont give second chances
This guy has got to be an early undead
Post more pictures for reference pls.<3
Shoul i kill him with mortal blade or not ?
I feel like it'd be doing him a favor.
Did he have any dialogue for severing his immortality?
Don't... trust me...you'll regret it
Somebody gonna be mad with you if you do
I feel like I owe him this one after him enduring countless pain as a dummy. so I killed him to set him freefree
Does he come back in ng+?
unless you got them techniques down boii
Is it good or bad to kill him with the immortal blade?
From a gameplay standpoint, you basically trade the ability to train freely for his item, the hidden tooth, which lets you die on command. From a narrative standpoint, it is up to you to draw your own conclusions on whether killing him is right or wrong.
Personally I regret killing him so early, having the ability to train so conveniently is really valuable. I did it though because it was what he wanted and I sort of felt like I owed it to him for all the help he'd given me.
If i kill him the phantom kunai will appear in the donation box in late game?
you buy that item for 3000 sen in Anayama's shop
I kill Anayama in Hirata State
That makes no sense
If you killed Anayama at the Estate (which would make you unable to buy the phantom kunai) and kill Hanbei, you will still get the phantom kunai in the donation box. I did so during my first playthrough.
this guy is champion of ash :\
I killed him with the Mortal Blade, the Item "Hidden Tooth" dropped, but I'm not able to pick it up. The action just won't show up on the bottom screen. Tried restarting the game and traveling elsewhere and coming back.
Hold the pick up button like with other loot
you hold the collect button
How do you even make it so far without knowing how to pick up items lol
You're supposed to loot it from Hanbei, exactly like from regular enemies, by holding x/square. If it despawned, you should still be able to get it back from the offering box in the small shrine behind where he originally stood.
It's a mob drop not an item. Hold down x.
Based on the voice at Senpou, and Hanbei's lines about not killing himself with his master when he had the chance, personally it seems likely the monks imprisoned him and experiemented on him with immortality, but his master killed himself before he could become infested. Poor guy was afraid to die, but as a result he was forced into a shameful immortality he regrets deeply.