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you can stole it
How can i stole in mr anonymous
Where mah lööp, brother?
After Ashina castle idols become unavailable, the spot where Blackhat badger was previously hiding will have some blood stains on the floor along with the iron fortress as a drop. I have not been able to find him after this so it seems likely that he got found and killed. (NOTE:This happened after I did not buy the iron fortress from him when it was available)
I found him on my way to demon of hatred go the wrong way where the gun guys were instead of across the bridge above headless. He does
note that pressing r1 dureing the block will acualy use the umbrella as an attack
also seems to store energy from attacks to strengthen the r1 even on the first upgrade
If you forgot to buy it , you can still pick it up at the same spot as the NPC were. I picked it up during p3 of Ashina Castle raid. (after Divine Dragon)
Do you mean at senpou?
What is NPC?
Best prosthetic in the game. Makes fighting apparitions less stressful and makes Demon of Hatred and Isshin possible to beat. Also good to use at the gun fort.
Please help l, i killed him accidentally, how can i find iron fortress
Check the lost and found chest at the dilapidated temple, by Hanbei the undying, it will end up there by the end of the game anyway