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The npc at the top doesnt talk to me. no idea what to do.
you have to cure the dragon rot
the npc wasn't even there in my game what the hell
Theres a big rock with scratches on it that doesn't allow me to continue further, after the straw scythe dudes. The NPC beforehand only says "I don't know which way to go"...
1. you need to take the cursed blood from lady on bridge before ashina castle. 2 give it to emma she is going to create a heal for it. 3. use it on idol to heal all epople that are cursed 4. now she will tell you to find her rice
No NPC there for me, wtf?
The NPC wasn't there for me, either, but it didn't hinder my progress through the area.
If the npc is not there go back to his original and buy out the rest if his items
How to kill those immortal centipede monks
You can't unless you have the Mortal Blade. You will the Mortal Blade after defeating the monkey bosses.
the npc doesnt show up for me