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That second reward? Really?
"Yhorm's Giant Foreskin" Nice
Glad you liked my edit, didn’t think anyone would notice.
When you beat him you will feel great!
I beat his first phase, thinking its an awesome fight. then he goes super saiyan, ok ==
Huntsmans Copse Lamao.
is there a wiki page for the second time you fight genichiro in his way of tomoe form?
You've most likely beaten him already but if anybody out there is still struggling, here is how I defeated him in under 1 minute, hope it helps:
So apparently this page doesn't allow yt links. Anyway, basically you wanna use mist raven whenever he uses his mortal blade, which should guarantee you 1 or 2 hits. The rest is fairly easy to manage. Take care of your posture and don't be too aggressive cuz he'll attack you in no time.
he's so freaking easy. just run straight to him, do 1 thrust and 1 slash, dodge the mortal blade, do another thrust and dodge the second part of mortal draw. then you just go balls to walls and pressure him the whole time. attack attack and attack, you can interrupt most of his attack animations. when he does that jumping attack, you can get out 1 r1 before having to deflect his attack. the other attack you cannot interrupt is the beginning of his long combo, just deflect everything there. go for mikiri when he thrusts and jump kick for his sweeps although you can interrupt some of them in animation. eziest fight of my live
Can someone tell me why Isshin is inside Genichiro?!
There's a chest next to Isshin's house it says the second Mortal Blade has the power to bring people back from the underworld. He Genichiro kills himself to use the power of the second blade to resurrect Isshin at full power, since Isshin dies during the ministry invasion.
Why is Isshin nice before he dies, but an enemy before he’s resurrected?
Genichiro opened a gate to the underworld from his body with the black mortal blade, for his grandfather to cross back into the mortal world.
Im guessing anyone resurrected by the Black Mortal Blade follows the will of the user.


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This is for the guys who suck at deflecting\parrying like me :D You can cheese this boss with Shadowrush in the first phase. In the second phate attack only when jumps at you. 1) The safest way to finish the first phase is to use Shadowrush skill. When he tries to hit you jump+block to the left. In the video, I *****ed up several times but in general, even a gamer who suck at this game (like yours truly) can finish the first phase without taking any (or very little) damage 2) The safest way to get through the second phase is to bait his jumping attack and hit him once (the second hit will be blocked) then jump away. Rinse and repeat. If he runs, instead of jumping, towards you then most likely after you have deflected\blocked his attacks he'll try to fry your *** with lightning, so move away really fast. If you can consistently( this is the key, coz failing to deflect this attack will cause MASSIVE damage so sometimes one hit is all it takes to get killed) deflect lightning then it's the fastest way to kill him. PS Sorry for the video artifacts here and there in the second phase..
When he does any of his lightning attacks, jump up towards him and attack when he does, you'll grab the lightning, stun him and deal massive vitality dmg.