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One can also wait til the enemy walks back after jumping down the hole again and stealth kill them. Or get lucky that it'll jump down, too, like in my case. If you make it back up alive, you can safely grab it and there's nothing else there. I recommend using the item to get back to a statue, though, atfer doing so in this scenario.
Maybe o was super lucky but it seems like during the animation to open the temple doors you're invulnerable. I kept messing up stealth killing him so I just sprinted past and flung open the doors to get the item. He tried to hit me during the animation but missed. If this was a fluke sorry for the false hope!
Yup, you're invulnerable when you open doors. It appears to be the same way in other Fromsoft games. I wonder why that keeps happening. But anyways, thanks!
Confirmed, you can use Mikiri Counter to block his forward kick. He's pretty easy just parry until you break his posture.
Try with demon bell on first playthrough clown
The swordsman scared the***** out of me, so I turned around, ran and jumped into the water in panic, and soon as I landed, I got 1 scrap metal, so that might be an easy way to defeat him xd
Not sure what happened exactly, tried to jump into the well but ended up juping down by the fish. The purple guy got instakilled