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The wiki is incorrect about where to find the first merchant he in the area of ashina outskirts-Oustkirts wall- Gate path
Dunno who changed this, but you can run into this guy as your first merchant between two different travel spots, the first location is from the gate path, above the mother who gives you the charm bell. If you go from Outskirts Wall - Stairway, head back the way you came from, specifically jump down to the rooster. Then jump on top of the roof closest to him. Look back towards the way you came from the Gate Path sculpture, and look...centerish. You'll see below where the mother is, and you should be able to see the tent is atop a small mountain. You can get up there by running across to the right, down through the grass, then moving around the small mountain to hop up. Only thing he sells that's great is the firecrackers, which give you a new ninja tool.
Probably because they're not the same person. All memorial mobs are different stores.
you are going to a different merchant, your info is incorrect.
Is there a way to access him after you rest ashina castle for the last time?
Would like to know this too. I think I'm locked out of his gourd seed. Someone said it should appear in the offering box if that were the case, but it hasn't.
Answer is yes, but you have to beat the flames of hatred to unlock the area again.
The info about the Dragon Blood droplet is incorrect. He definatly did restock that though I do not know what triggered that and if it is infinitely repeatable. I do remember not having any droplet because I used my only one which I got from him. After talking to him again he had the droplet in stock again.