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By Anonymous
How the ***** does this***** work?! I can't time it properly
By Anonymous
You can't side dodge, to pull mikari off stand still and press B/O to counter. It's dumb that it doesn't spell that out but that's fromsoft for ya
By Anonymous
Press the button while standing still. Timing's the same as with deflecting, if not even more generous. Once you see them winding up for the attack and the red mark pops up, stop moving, and as soon as they start closing the distance, press the button.
By Anonymous
Having to stand still is again copied from Nioh ^^
By Anonymous
Having a katana is also copied from Nioh. Nioh did it first. Dark Souls also copied Nioh.
By Anonymous
Don't listen to the rest. What you actually do is dodge into the thrust. Dodge button is always dodge no matter if you input the direction or not. If you dodge INTO the thrust the timing is way more forgiving. You can train on the undying dude if you don't believe me. This is how I've been doing the counter ever since first spear mini boss.
By Anonymous
Play demons- en dark souls first
By Anonymous
Thank you for the tip to dodge into the thrust. This had been driving me nuts.
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By xSpiderMuffinx
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was only pulling this off by accident alot, now you guys have confirmed to neutral dodge or dodge *towards* the frust I can finally beat ishiin!
By Anonymous
The moment you see their weapon begin to move from the windup, step dodge towards them
By Anonymous
Just press the "O" button when kanji appears. Do not use (L1 = simple parry) or a direction while doing this.
By Anonymous
I can't tell if it's working or not because when I do it, an animation plays where I step on the opponent's spear, but then he just shoves me off and continues attacking IMMEDIATELY, with no damage to posture. I just don't get it.
By Anonymous
This happens to me as well. I'm pretty sure it depends on the type of enemy. For example the priest/cleric/munk dudes just shoves ne off. Maybe certain enemies are immune or you need to build up more posture?damage
By Anonymous
When you perform the stomp and they shove you off, you did it correctly. It's just that the enemy has too much posture so you'd have to do it many times or in combination with deflections/ other counters. Weaker enemies don't have enough posture so it grants a deathblow opportunity first try.
By Mrsdraege
My second slot for the shinobi art is still locked. I don't understand what can I do to unlock it?
By Anonymous
The second slot isn't for a shinobi art. It will unlock naturally as you progress through the game at a certain point.
By Anonymous
it'll unlock when you beat your first boss on the top of the ashina castle, and it's called ninjitsu techniques
By Anonymous
The timing for this is basically as soon as the thrust attack starts. Most enemies will have a little "wind up" where they point their weapon at you. As soon as they lunge, press B, no thumbstick movement required.
By Anonymous
this can happen with this skill
By Anonymous
I mean. yeah. thats. you are right.
By Altimis
I recommend you guys buy this skill ASAP. It make your life easier with red kanji attack (read the attack carefully, some is not thrust attack though). I also recommend training with Hanbei zombie dude at temple. You will get it fast. And you will "OMG! this is so awesome!".
By Anonymous
Very powerful, and usually really easy to pull off with a pretty wide window. Should probably be the first skill you get.
By Anonymous
Not easy to pull off at all lmao
By Anonymous
Very easy to pull off, just have to dodge INTO the attack.
By Anonymous
I am so bad at using this move lol. I have played 4 games (the entire souls series & BB) where i was taught to move left or right when a thrust came at me
By Anonymous
update: i have stepped on isshin's long *** spear more times than i can count in ng+. i think i've finally gotten gud at sekiro