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Yeah, really need to find out where. I'm up to two bosses I just can't defeat without either grinding for skill points for hours, or, upgrading the prosthetic.
It drops from the rats after the ashina castle gate
Lmao the editing on fextralife is SO bad. Misspellings everywhere.


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So the thing is, this is a wiki. Most wiki pages are created and maintained by users of the wiki like you and me. If you find a typo or incorrect grammar or whatever, please go ahead and correct it for everyone's benefit. Or if you opt to leave a comment instead of correcting the issue in the page, at least tell us exactly what the problem is so somebody else can fix it. Thanks.
drops a lot from the blue guys in ashina castle (which also drop divine confetti)
I found another one. After killing Gyouba, you'll get a spirit idol labeled "Ashina Castle - Gate". If you hug the left wall, you'll eventually reach a hut, near two large hammer wielding enemies. Behind the hut is where you'll find the scrap iron.
the straw hat glaive users in senpou drop scrap iron if you use bell demon. use main hall idol.
They drop scrap magnetite, not iron
I've been getting it every time I kill that blue spear monk guy behind Old Grave Idol
Scrap Iron can be bought from the first "Crow's Bed Memorial Mob" merchant, the guy that sits in a tent on top of a cliff; right outside where you encounter the Chained Ogre boss.
can confirm, just found out about this
Not in a tent, it's Anayam the Peddler. Unlimited purchase.
after use demon dell drop 3x from rats in asina castle