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so i got ONE from killing a blue ghost thingy in the fountain palace down by a waterfall.....haven't seen another since.......
Have you ringed the demon bell?
this enemy drops by default, so guys ignore this one.



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This guy means the shichimen warrior, who is an unique enemy and has a guaranteed drop


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Demon bell does NOT increase drop rate.
You can find one by finishing the Master Carp quest, it's a reward given by the man in the pot in Hirata or Fountain Palace You can buy 2 others from the guy in the pot in Fountain Palace, you'll have to exchange those with red scales (6 scales = 1 Lapis Lazuli)
The guy in the pot at the palace dies after you complete the quest so make sure you buy them first.
The second noble in the pot doesn't die after the quest, he transform into a carp, look at the water bellow his old pot
He died for me. The pot is tipped over and the hand is laying on the ground.
you get two from the Demon of Hatred
Where is the Fountain Palace ?
One of the end game area, you can't miss it during your journey.


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It is the last area in the game to unlock. You can't reach it unless you follow the main story up to that point.
An area youll get to if you dont go for the Asura ending.
Where can i find the okami warriors that drop lapis Lazio?
Fountainhead palace. Drop rate is abysmal for me though 3 hours and got one using baloons and demon bell... If you unlock the feeding ground idol there is a mob you can 100% backstab and hes worth over 1000 exp if you have the exp skills.
damn this droprate sucks. made 7 lvls there now. with 22-25k xp per lvl and 1000xp per I killed him ~150 times now (after i defeated the divine realm boss). not even one lapis drop -.- think I'll skip this and do the missing upgrades in ng+.



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In hell, apparently.
I am pretty sure you can find them only in your imagination
They exist in thread alone
Both pot guys are dead for me and I never bought the 2. Am I screwed?
if you gave the trully precious bait to the giant carp, the owners to the bait you chose to give becomes a carp himself, and will have both npcs inventory, try looking inside the water.
If you fed the carp the 'Truly Precious Bait' from the guy in Fountainhead Palace, then he is not dead - have a look in the water down below him.


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It didn't restock


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I misundertood, apologize.
Farmed the Okami Warrior for about 1.5hrs (on ng+2) and got 0 Lapis drops. I had the Demon Bell on, and also always had a Possession balloon on.
Dude, I have you beat. I'm at 5 hr and I havent seen anything. I want to believe the people that say they have.. but honestly ***** them if they're trolls lol.
I've farmed for more than 15 hours with bell demon and balloons with no luck
Holy***** 15h. I guess you have plenty of free time available. I mean there are better things to do than farming stupid item for 15h (without confirmation if they even drop it or not). Fapping for example is an option...
You guys are seriously braindead.. You'd rather do the same damn for half a day than experience the game again in NG+.. What will you even do with that lapis even if it dropped after 15 hours? You finished the game at this point and it's just for one achievement that gives you what.. 5 minutes of happiness? You most likely have to play the game AGAIN anyway for the rest of the achievements.. Stop for a moment and think about it..
15 hours of fapping is an awful suggestion. You'll end up with a twisted testicle and likely require emergency surgery to put an artificial anchor in place or lose both balls. Source: Had a twisted testicle and had emergency surgery to put an anchor in place, narrowly avoiding the loss of both balls. Don't do it. Keep farming. It's slightly healthier.
It's slightly healthier, but fapping for 15h straight is still more fun that farming mobs lol.
You can get 6 per playthrough it is like the titanite slab of the previous dark souls 3, no luck for me farming it whatesoever. If you want the achievement where you upgrade all prosthetic tools you need 2 playthroughs since you need 10 lapis lazuli in total.
i got 8



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8 in ng? How?
He propably thinks all the upgrades cost 3 lazulite, bought both that cost 2 and had two leftover lazulite.