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As it turned out the Sculptor is the Wolf from the future who went back in time.
I am not sure whether there is other ending though, but from the immortal line, the sculptor is his future self.


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Hmm... No, it doesn't add up. The Sculptor said his left arm was cut off by Lord Isshin, while ours was taken by Genichiro.
My dear, Lord Isshin "come out" from Genichiro as the last boss, do you remember that ? So basically we can assume that Lord Isshin and Genichiro as we are talking about is one. Maybe sometime in the past they were two sepereated person, but now we can assume they are one.
What? Why can we assume that Isshin and Genichiro are the same person? Genichiro used the Black Mortal Blade, which has a nickname like "Open Gate" or something like that, to open a gate to the underworld, and Isshin came out. The Sculptor is absolutely not Wolf from the future. They look entirely different in every way except for the missing left arm. The ending where Emma presents the prosthetic to the Wolf and tells him to keep it in case a shinobi comes by is a callback to the beginning of the game, not some stupid time loop. The Wolf clearly just settled down after fulfilling his duty to Kuro and took over for the Sculptor.
The Sculptor is literally called Orangutan and has backstory with a dead shinobi called Kingfisher. Yall are SO off base its ridiculous.
They call him wolf..the sculptor is orangutan..its that simple
That makes honestly no sense. That's like saying that in Bloodborne, Gehrman is your future self. There is no hint for time travel in Sekiro at all. Isshin coming out of Genichiro is pretty much irrelevant. The only thing you guys are basing this on is that at the end we see Sekiro carving Buddha sculptures? That's far fetched as hell...
the delapid temple is the only place that stands in the future of the good ending "Immortal Severance" and the sculptor is the wolf
no that makes no sense at all, simply because wolf "can" become a new sculptor doesn't mean he is THE Sculptor
I thought the same but the Sculptor has a story that does not have anything to do with sekiro´s story, unless he will train with emma becoming "Kingfisher" in the future and him becoming monkey like, but that is quite messed up... And about the time travelling, it is true there is no hint about anyone being able to travel in time, except sekiro being able to rest in the statues and making all the dead enemies come to life again, and position themselves in the same place they were at the beggining, however this does not happen with bosses or revelant NPCs so.. we could say that is just gameplay.
Playing through on new game plus after my first run through there have been so many different times that the dialog has suggested this. Maybe I'm misinterpreting it, but I'd definitely think about it as you interact with him. Hopefully if I manage another new game I'll remember ti keep track of the dialog and note why I think such. I'm hes not the only one thinking his (or zhe)
There's an eavesdrop behind the temple if Sculptor is affliced with dragonrot and the doctor is sitting next to him, revealing that he's called Orangutan.
Thanks, I wasn't sure where that was coming from.
he becomes the "Shura" demon of hatred but always?
The Sculptor was a Shinobi named Orangutan. Orangutan grew up an orphan in the forests with either a female sibling or another female orphan, Kingfisher. They trained among the tall trees of the forest where a single slip meant death until one day they stumbled upon the grove of the Guardian Ape. Kingfisher was killed by the beast, and Orangutan slew it, driving his odachi through the ape's neck. Without his companion, Orangutan became a contract killer working for the Inner Ministry who sent him to slay Isshin Ashina, but during the course of the battle Orangutan gave in to his bloodlust and Isshin severed his left arm from his body. Defeated, Orangutan was rescued by Isshin and his personal friend, Dogen and was recruited to fight the Inner Ministry that had used him. Orangutan assisted Dogen on combing battlefields for survivors and on one such battlefield Orangutan found a lone orphaned girl searching the killing grounds for food. Orangutan fed her, and she followed him for a time before Dogen adopted her and trained her in the ways of medicine. Soon after, the Shinobi Prosthetic was perfected and Orangutan began fighting the ministry with Isshin in earnest. But as he trained with the tool and developed new ways to kill with it he began to feel the Shura bloodlust build within him again. He left Isshin's Service and moved to the dilapidated temple far outside the castle where he continues to carve the Buddha with the hopes that one day he can drive away the fires of hatred and carve a buddha with a kindly face like the one the Dogen carved for him.
Do you think his hairiness has anything to do with the ape or the monkey enemies?
I thought he IS a orangutan
But unfortunely, this never happens: Orangutan kill too many peoples for receive forgiveness, and the Buddha always show him flames of hatred, and wrathful faces in his statues. And nearly the end of the game, Orangutan finally become overcome with hate (by the spirits of the peoples killed by him, i suppose), and become the Demon of Hatred.
Good recap but something is incorrect lore-wise : Orangutan didn't kill the Guardian Ape, or at least he didn't know it killed Kingfisher because he is surprised when you bring him Kingfisher's ringfinger (he says something along the lines of "To believe it was inside the belly of an ape, after all this time..."). Also, they trained into the Sunken Valley, not the Hidden Forest (I think it was Lady Butterfly whom traine there.) Speculating about the Nodachi, it might be Kingfisher's weapon. She probably "killed" the Guardian Ape but didn't know it was infested by an immortality centipede and thus was eaten when it came back to life, with her weapon still being stuck in its neck... Can't blame her, I made the same mistake the first time ;)
how u going to eat somebody with a giant sword in your throat?
Do you have any evidence for saying him being a hiredblade to kill Isshin? Also the sculptor said himself that he picked up Emma from the battlefield before settling in Ashina so you got the order wrong.
There is plenty of speculation in there that I don't think there is an ingame base for that: - Orangutan and Kingfisher being orphans and maybe siblings - Orangutan working for the ministry. He could have worked for Isshin as well in his fight vs the ministry. Would explain why he wasn't killed when he went shura. - Orangutan and Kingfisher fighting the guardian ape - the sword in the apes neck belonging to either of them The sword is *****ing huge. The sword is about 4 meters long I assume be screenshots. When you see the execution by sekiro he grabs the sword hilt with both hands but he still looks tiny in comparision. The sword hilt alone seems to be an estimate 1 meter long. And the tip of the sword is broken, so it might have been even longer. I don't know who this massive sword should belong to but I can't have been a regular sized human.
The Shinobi Axe of the Monkey is implied to belong to him, as he fits the user's description: a shinobi with a "monkey" nickname who lost his left arm.
Was Kingfisher male or female? The Sculptor says 'he' in the monkey booze dialogue, but the item descriptions say she. Is this a translation error, or an oversight in the script?
its most likely a female, as Japanese doesnt have pronoun that indicates gender. According the the description of slend finger, Kingfisher is a female
I actually think Sculptor is his real father. Like Genichiro has done the same things, that his father Isshin has done to Sculptor. Wolf was an orphan, lost his hand, was raised away from his home, and had was on the way of becoming Shura.
Isshin is not Genichiro's father and there is nothing that suggest parent-child relationship between Sculptor and Wolf. The link between them is thematic - one-armed shinobi risking loss of humanity and seeking penance - not biological.
Isshin cut off his arm to prevent him becoming Shura. So can we say Genichiro did us a favor by cutting our arm off as well?
Hardly, as the Wolf wasn't consumed by killing and wasn't risking loosing his humanity by wanting to protect Kuro.
Yet you can still become Shura



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When you go to the Dilapidated Temple after defeating Genichiro, there's a really weird dialogue between Sekiro and the Sculptor. For some reason, Sekiro thanks him for saving Kuro, even though there's definitely no dialogue, no eavesdropping piece, no item description or document in the game that would even suggest such a thing. Sekiro saying that to Sculptor out of the blue felt very weird, almost as if there was supposed to be some other dialogue that, for some reason, is missing from the game. It happened to me, my wife, and then again in my NG+ playthrough, and I am 100% positive that I'm not missing any dialogues right after defeating Genichiro.
he's saying thank you, simply because without the sculptor's intervention wolf more than likely would have been unable to save the heir
That's reaching. From the dialogue it sounds like Sekiro thanks him for something more specific, which is also for some reason he only thought about doing at this particular moment. And this moment just doesn't make any sense, considering that you get it after defeating Genichiro.
I second this. I thought it was a very out of place line so I made sure to exhaust ALL of Kuro and Emma's dialogue after beating Genichiro before going back to the sculptor and can find nothing to justify this line. I suspect this is a mistranslation of the Japanese which probably DOES mean "you helped me to save Lord Kuro" or something like that.
This is most probably a mistranslation. I am playing with Japanese sound and Russian subtitles and the meaning of what was written in Russian can be translated to English as "thank you. Without your help I wouldn't have been able to save Kuro.