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By Anonymous
Sekiro's guide to miniboss difficulty:
- Give miniboss a relatively easy moveset
- Give miniboss attacks that one shot you if not 100% health instead of designing actual challenging moveset
By Anonymous
FYI for anyone having trouble with this dude, mikiri countering him is a noob trap. Your recovery animation afterwards is so long you WILL get hit if you go for it. It's basically training not to over-rely on it.
By Anonymous
This is explicitly wrong.

He's an expert with his weapon, so the counter initially is pushed back by him. You absolutely CAN deflect the hit he does after the stumble, it's very specifically intended to be, because if you do that deflect he stumbles for upwards of 3 full seconds literally allowing you to get like 5 hits in for free.

You didn't encounter a noob trap, you just were a noob and are spreading misinformation
By Anonymous
This game's obsession with putting a full battalion of enemies between the minibosses and the nearest spawn point is pretty tiresome. Like I get that its a reward for using the stealth mechanics but damn if it doesn't add 10 unnecessary, unfun, repetitive minutes to every miniboss fight attempt. I've only just beaten Genichiro and so far this nerd, General Matsumoto, Shinobi Hunter, General Tenzen, and that drunk dude all required minutes on end of algorithmically (yet also somehow brainlessly) killing cannon fodder before the actual fun could begin.
By Anonymous
Stop the crying.
By Anonymous
There's a path to sneak behind him without being in combat with anyone except the alarm bell enemy for 1 second until he dies.

If it's taking you MINUTES to grapple twice, kill 1 guy and crawl under the house to stealth killblow 2 enemies to then jump for 10 seconds and get a free stealth deathblow on a 2 node boss.... You're fundamentally not a fan of the game as a whole and while it's not entirely an irrelevant opinion, it is never going to be what this game is balanced around. So you just have to accept that, just like we unfortunately have to deal with your whining
By Anonymous
Genichiro=10 tries, kinda fun fight(especially lightning mode)
this man=20 tries(not a fun fight at all) and I still haven't beaten him
By Anonymous
dude this guy feels so satisfying to destroy if you get his skills down, some fancy spin crap? boom deflected, you wanna do a thrust right after? sit down boy, after the thrust you wanna swipe at me too? i think not, you might aswell just jump off the cliff you pathetic slow geezer
By Anonymous
This was a really satisfying kill with base vitality and attack power in NG without using any skills including the Mikiri Counter crutch. Max vitality and attack power on NG+7 without Kuro's Charm and Demon Bell feels like a cakewalk compared to this. You really feel the hurt of the lack of HP and posture and this guy will show you the meaning of the word pain when you fail to deflect. Respect for anyone doing that without Kuro's Charm and with Demon Bell active. Now I need to wash off the shame and do this again without the first stealth deathblow.
By Anonymous
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