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Those images of the Corrupted Monk made me think I missed a dude.
Harder than it looks. His attacks are powerful.


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Aggressive play will be your friend for this guy. Deflecting him doesn't do a lot of posture damage, and you will drag the fight out, giving him more opportunities to do massive damage. Just stealth attack him and then get aggressive. You can often hit him four or five times in a row and he'll deflect each time, but he'll lose a ton of posture. After two or three volleys of blows, he'll be done.
he is optional.


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so in my fight with him the loaded axe was my friend, stealth deathblow to start then just kinda kept smacking him in the face with axe and then did a few slashes and he was done for, fealt way to easy tbh, at least after running in headlong trying too be aggressive with sword



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new images added


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The cannon of the flame and the ability of the living force seem to be very effective against this and the other generals, but I still need to do more tests.
Yeah mate what planet you living on I've tried your techniques and it doesn't kick his head of at all


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I think we all know this guy made us poison the sculptor