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One can be found in a chest at the "Upper Tower - Antechamber"-Bonfire. (Ashina Castle)
Ashina Outskirts: In the building behind the Chained Ogre, just past the Outskirts Wall - Stairway Scultpor's Idol. Ashina Outskirts: After encountering the Nightjar Monocular, take the path to the left and you will encounter the item. This is the same seed. Isnt it?
It seems same to me. But there is locked door in the left part of building. Maybe second seed behind this door. So how to get past that door?
I think it is
Sunken Valley: From the Under-Shrine Valley bonfire make your way down until you come across a ravine with a tree root above you to grapple on to and then grapple on the other tree root to get fully across they will be an enemy there will be two paths one to the right that goes further down and one to the left leading up take the left path and climb up the will be an enemy in front of you and one to your top right grapple up to the one to your top right and climb the wall to your left there will be a hut with the Gourd Seed inside.
After I battled Genichiro, Emma moved there and now she won't take my gourd seeds. Just her dialogue and end. Any fix please?
Find Issen as main quest tells you and talk to young master - that should "fix" her, she gonna stay in castle and gonna accept seeds again.
How much gourds we can get?
you can have 10 max
mibu village near sakura tree
There is another Gourd Seed to be found in a chest as soon as you enter the room of Ashina Castle - Upper Tower - Antechamber Sculptor's Idol.
You're missing the one in Senpou Temple
emma, now you will accept my seed!
You try to foist your seed on her, but instead she puts it in a bottle and makes you drink it whenever you need to heal.
Emma is one kinky woman
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