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By Anonymous
Wt ring u git btihc?
By Anonymous
you really have to bring isaac newton to beat this guy ?
By Anonymous
Initiate phase one...
By Anonymous
The legend never dies
By thrillho420
I have a son and I legit feel worse for beating this boss than anything else FromSoft has made.
By Anonymous
honestly prob the best mini boss in the game imo. his attacks are really fun to deflect and pushing him over the edge is a really fun way to beat him that forces you to consider your positioning as well as your deflect timings :) I also love his lore and the aesthetic of this European knight in feudal Japan, it feels very similar to how From likes to include eastern aesthetics and concepts in their more western games, like Sir Alonne in DS2
By Anonymous
European warrior travels to Japan. Twice as tall and literally indestructible even when facing the most skilled blade. Something something europeans OP
By Anonymous
Robert's friends: "Where is your father?"
Robert: "Dad went to get some magic milk"
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
After beating this guy, i felt triumph and pride, but also felt sadness.

By Anonymous
on my first playthrough I thought performing a deathblow would always push him off the ledge. I got really surprised on ng+
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