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I feel for this guy and his son.
***** this guy
and his son
This boss can be knocked off the bridge with a posture attack (deathblow)
Had this happen for me wasn't planning it, feels good.
I think this is the only way to kill him
Don’t dodge to his right! If you dodge to his left (your right), most of his attack will miss you. Be warned that the push will still hit you, though the slash after that can be easily dodged.
Axe prosthetic and trying to stay behind him is the way to go.
He is basically the iron golem from dark souls
You can just knock him off the bridge, he's so heavy he can break the walls with his body. I also think this is the man who made the "roberts firecrackers" prosthetic. As he calls out for his son upon death.
Can you actually take his armor off somehow? I eavesdropped some enemies who said: "He doesn't like that armor, and he sure didn't like me putting it on him. When a fight happens, it might com off easier than you think."
The guy talking about a dude not liking armor is talking about the big guy with the bell near him that has a few dogs by him. He has a breastplate you can yank off.
Oh, ok. thanks!
Yeah this is really misleading tip, I was awaiting some ironclad boss too. Not just random respawning enemy in the backyard.
Wrong guy buddy, you're thinking of Big Bell Boi in the basement etrance to Abandoned Dungeon or something
As gimmicky as this fight is, it's probably one of my favorites, feels like a proper 1v1 with no real "surprise perilous attack you probably can't avoid" all his attacks give fair times to parry, his rampage attack leaves him exposed for a good while, and he's just a really fun to fight mini, with a nice looking arena.