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How do you hook to an enemy?
From what I seen only certain enemies (mainly big ones) can bee hooked on, and they have to be in a specific stance. You don't have to equip martial arts skills they work as soon as you aquire them.
How do you use it??



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You'll see a triangle appear above his head (usually when the horse is sliding to a stop), that's when you use L2 to grapple and then R1 to attack when you are near him. The triangle is obviously the button on the controller you use to cycle your prosthetic skills.
Can only big enemies big grappled?
Was kinda hoping this was going to be like Scorpion's attack
You need a grappling point to use this attack. I think what's misleading is there was a part of the trailer he used this to attack someone riding a horse


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Yeah, the trailer, unfortunately, doesn't show the grapple point for that fight. But you can indeed use this attack on the "someone riding a horse". During the fight you're occasionally given a prompt to grapple. I can't recommend this skill enough for that fight, or the Chained Ogre fight.
In the fight with a boss riding a horse after a charge attack he leaves an oppertunity to grapple onto him so its not missleading