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there is a bug where you cant deathblow him from above
Yes you can, you're clearly not doing it right
He's half right and wrong. You can only deathblow him when you drop close enough in midair unlike some enemies where you get a decent range to trigger the deathblow from above. I was confused at first because I thought he would be immune to it after the first encounter but I figured I wasn't doing it close enough.
yeah, it's super weird, you need to be almost literally on top of him for it to prompt
How in the everliving ***** are you supposed to beat this garbage npc? Do you reach him when you're underleveled or what, you barely do damage to him and he can ***** your posture in a second.
He's actually quite easy, dodge the majority of his attacks, there's plenty of opportunities to do vitality damage to him And posture damage
pretty autistic fight
Tip: Deathblow from above then you use oil and flame vent to damage while avoiding him. Decided I would try to find a way to trivialize him and did. (Anon post but PSN: wightvoid)
Why downvote him? it's actually a good strategy, 3 times and he is dead, get some distant use oil and as he charges use flame vent. he should die if you did it 3 times


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You can kill him the way you kill the butterfly lady = dodge attack, dodge attack etc...
Yeah by that logic, thats how you win the game: just dont get hit. Right? Just play flawlessly. Easy



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Yeah, if you want to spend 15-20 straight minutes doing that. I recommend learning how to deflect, it'll get you through fight much faster and with less struggle.
The only hard thing about this fight is *****ing camera
The good ol' boss inside a broom closet.
Mist raven my man. Hit hhim 2-3 time then use it and let aim assist go hard.
I accedentily skipped his dialogue... Does anyone know what hes saying when you talk to him?
nothing important
Yeah by that logic, thats how you win the game: just dont get hit. Right? Just play flawlessly. Easy.
something along the lines of, "They said a cowardly shinobi would come through here. One that doesn't die. If that's the case, I'll meet him soon enough."
Loaded spear with the thrust upgrade makes this fight easy if you want to cheese him
JUMP don't drop for the deathblow.
Anyone saying this fight is easy is just trolling. They are lying.