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By Anonymous
Is there a merchant location that sells divine confetti?
By Anonymous
yes. his name is Chito Enchinoro
By Anonymous
His name is Chito Engino
By Anonymous
Once you beat the first boss of Fountainhead you get an item that increases merchant stock. One of the unlocked items is divine confetti.
By Anonymous
this is the worst *****ing mechanic in the game
By Anonymous
Its not even a bad mechanic it was just implemented horribly
By Anonymous
Right up there with Frenzy in BB
By Anonymous
How? It's the same as transient curse in dark souls. You don't have to kill any of these enemies if you don't want to.
By Anonymous
It's countered by a mid-game upgrade for the umbrella.
By Anonymous
Item Drop Note: Blue Samurai in the Ashina Castle - Antechamber have a chance to drop Divine Confetti.
By Anonymous
You're a hero, anon.
By Anonymous
Merchant at Ashina Outskirts-Stairway suddenly start sell Divine Confetti.i dont know why but each Divine Confetti 300 sen(infinite).
By Anonymous
he doesn't sell it in my game, which bosses did you kill?
By Anonymous
My merchant doesn't sell it. Not sure if it depends on bosses you've killed but so far I've killed Lady Butterfly and Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa.
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By Madawc
Did you send the abandoned monk to him?
By Anonymous
I had 3 divine confetti when I started a fight with corrupted monk, and I had only used 1 then I died and checked how much I had left and didn't have any confetti left.
By Anonymous
By StuntedWriter0
After obtaining the Dragon Tally Board from the Corrupted Monk bridge fight, the Dilapidated Temple merchant starts selling them 300 a pop. Infinite stock.
By Anonymous
Where can you find the corrupted monk on the bridge because I killed the phantom version
By Slobb
You can get divine confetti off the merchant at Outskirts Wall - Stairway after killing the corrupted monk boss (the one with three death blows) I know someone has already commented the merchant here but he didn’t know why the merchant suddenly started selling it
By Anonymous
So let me clear it, if you've ran out of this item you are going to have a hard time fighting Warrior Shichimen and with Headless? This is so *****ing dumb... it doesn't help that you can buy them only aftet beating this stupid monk 2nd time. It must a joke... a bad one.
By Anonymous
You can upgrade the umbrella to the phoenix's lilac umbrella and use the shinobi tree ability projected force to deal LARGE amounts of posture damage to apparition type enemies and block their attacks whilst taking 0 terror build up. Hope this helps! -thehilthoodie @twitch lorebyhodor
By Anonymous
The apparition bosses are all optional, you can just fight them later in the game when you can buy all the confetti you want. Also the Shichimen warrior is a cake-walk even without them.
By Anonymous
Guardian ape and Corrupted Monk optional bosses my ***
By Anonymous
Corrupted monk is NOT AN APARIOTION, as for guardian ape I don't know
By Anonymous
You can farm them so easily from blue samurai. Go to antechamber idol. Got 28 in 20 mins of backstabbing same dude over and over.
By Anonymous
just farm 3 samurai at upper tower ashina dojo, I got 1 every 10 mins without any boost item, good luck
By Anonymous
with demon bell curse it drops like one from 23 samurai killed
By Anonymous
No, you didn't get 1 every 10min. You did not. Stop lying.
By Anonymous
I farmed the blue samurai at antechamber idol for 20 mins and got 30 confettis with zero item buffs. Its rng.