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bull*****as *****
Or just jump down, hit 1-2 times, run away like a coward via hooking up, repeat.
just wait till you get to Long Arm Centipede Giraffe, ***** my life
They are basically deflect bait. Their flurrishes are easy to deflect perfectly which builds a ton of posture damage and other than that they aren't special.
when he does the grab attack, just double jump on his head !
probly the easiest miniboss so far into the game, you dont even need to reduce his hp. this the only miniboss I didnt use stealth deathblow and still win
Just wait until you get to Ashina depths
That crow feather teleport thingy just wrecks him (and lots of other baddies, like glutton and drunkard). Just pop it and enjoy the "nothing personnel kid" free hits
One of the easiest bosses (found him at two locations so far), delfect x10, jump, jump kick then deathblow
forreal; just deflecting his basic attacks (which always have the same, predictable rhythm) makes it so you nearly break his posture from that alone. close in for a combo and bing bada boom this guy is short work
If you're having problems with him, count out the number of his attacks and use a fully charged spring-load Flame Vent on him once he reaches 10. It will deal high damage and set him on fire. Run away from him until the fire is out again and repeat until he's at 1 HP and ready for a deathblow.
Found easy way to win for people.who fight him in gun fort before sunken valley passage with small room; You litterally just need to spam parry as he attacks this will raise his posuter meeter fast and long before yours and then he will stagger. so just parry every single hit for a super easy win. now im starting to understand the combat system more cus of this fight.