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Missing a lot of enemies. Monk Infected Crickets Unkillable Cricket puking lady Unkillable centipede lady Shield Enemies Bowman Man Eating Fish Spearmen Nightjar Riflemen Cannon Weilder
That crazy nightjar enemy (the one that dive bombs from the kite) is one of my all time favorite enemies
There is no such thing "unkillable"
Don't forget the giant chickens
*the giant black cocks
There’s a hidden shinobi type enemy that’s located to the right of the bridge before you enter the burning Hirata Estate. Jump to the right and follow the stream to the end, to the right there’ll be an item, and to its there’ll be a hidden path blocked by bamboo, go through it and wall jump upwards until you reach the surface. To the left of the tunnel there’ll be a three story pagoda, the shinobi will be on the first floor. This enemy is highly perceptive, as he’ll be alerted to your presence if you get close, so you can’t kill him with a sneak deathblow. The shinobi is very fast and agile, using a combination of sword slashes, kicks that’ll eat through your posture, and straight, as well as sweeping, kicks that can damage your vitality. The vitality damaging kicks will be preceded by the danger symbol, they’re unblockable and undeflectable. I haven’t managed to kill him yet ); Hopefully someone will
It's a non special version of the Lone Shadow Longswordsman mini boss. You just need to hit his posture or kill him the old fashioned way. He doesn't drop anything, but he's there to guard the Raven feather prosthetic tool. Refer to that list for how to kill him, video for how to beat him is already up.
i has having trouble with him,than he fell with me down in the river and just disapear in mid air...........and then i got a free item ;;v
Doesn't he also have poison attacks?
If you jump back down the hole and wait for him to deaggro, you can sneak up behind him and kill him as he walks back to his spot.
If I'm not mistaken, his kick counts as a thrust move so you can Mikiri Counter it.
If you have problems just lure him near cliff and then fall down to the river, jump again and he should walk to pagoda, sneak behind and stab his back.
Is there an official name for the blue samurai in Ashina Castle?
blue samurai
I think they're just called ashina samurai.
Dousing enemy’s with oil and then using the flame vent has helped me defeat many early game mini bosses
Agreed. Cheesing for the win. Especially the purple ninja in the cavern.
Man that wiki sucks horribly...
You can contribute to make it better


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Give it some time, it was like this for Dark Souls II, Dark Souls III, Bloodborne, Nioh, NieR: Automata, etc. The upside is that almost every observation you make in the game is worth checking to see if you can add it to the wiki!
Is this supposed to be chained ogre?
Does anyone know best strategy to kill double blade monks, except for stealth?
Use the anti air deathblow, Blackhat Badger offers it for 1200 sen, jump at them when they jump for an instant kill, it even works for bosses and mini bosses, alternative throw a shuriken when they jump for huge damage
The anti air deathblow doesn't seems to work against them on ps4, I tried so many times, but didn't even get s prompt...
It works, but not all jumps trigger the prompt. Only his high jump does and the timing is a bit difficult to get off. If at all possible. just use stealth.
When they do a jump attack, you can throw a shruiken at them. It does extra damage and knocks them to the ground for a follow up
There are enemys late game im not sure what they are called but they are ghosts that give roughly 620 exp per
yes why do they appear ? what triggers them ? They started apprearing when the girl told me about snake perssimon
They're appearing because you have gotten farther into the game and the time of day has chnaged. One of the loading screen tips says that as it gets closer to twilight, spirits will start to appear.
They just appear after having defeated a certain number of bosses, which causes the time of day to shift.
these enemies appear just before you have to fight the second time on top of Ashina Castle. These Phantoms are usually stronger versions of the already existing ones, but can be easily killed with Malcontent (Finger upgrade) They only appear in certain locations (example: Mibu Village - Watermill on the bridge 1 Ashian Castle Samurai; at the entrance of the Hidden Forest - 2 Nightjar; Sunken Valley - past the 2 Snakeye Shooters 3 Ashina Castle Samurai at the 3 graves)