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By Anonymous
Actually managed to space out her grab, so a dodge backwards works. Everything else is deflect fodder.
By Anonymous
whoever created this boss should get poisoned
By Anonymous
This one is a pansy that needs poison and her lackeys to pressure you, the other Snake Eyes wakes up from nappy time and 1v1s right off the bat.
By Anonymous
there's a pretty big window right after her long range shot and after successfully dodging her grab, you must immediately zone in and spam the **** out of the sabimaru
By Anonymous
wrong miniboss, this one's not weak to sabimaru
By jhc24
Died the most to her compared to even main bosses in my later playthroughs
By Anonymous
Is the encounter changed in NG+ or is it changed depending on when you fight her? I entered before Genichiro and the cannoneer on top of the cliff is gone, the other two of the cannon women are replaced with a shotgun and rifle, and there's two more rifles on the second island. Not sure what triggered the change
By Anonymous
I think it's because you went there early, i do the same thing, go there before Genichiro and i find the fight easier as there's one fewer enemies to deal with.Also if you go there early you don't have to fight headless ape straight after this to reach mibu vilage.
By Anonymous
It's always morally correct to cheese her.
By Anonymous
Why is she immune to poison, that makes no sense from a lore perspective.
By Anonymous
She lives in a giant pool of it
By Anonymous
Lure her into the poison water using spring flame vent and run/jump to a safe place behind the buddha statue at the sculptors idol, so she follows you
After a few seconds, poison effect kicks into her

Keep her in the poison untill she is ready to get a deathblow

By Anonymous
You can also throw shurikens at her to speed the process up. But you have to hit her right before she’s about to shoot or else she’ll block them. Put that ceremonial tanto to use. Don’t let her take up half your day!
By Anonymous
The spiral spear is very effective due to its penatration qualities. If you charge her with it she'll try and swing at you and just get skewered. Very low spirit cost means you can easily deplete an entire health bar without even coming close to running out. Combine that with the stealth blow and this fight is much less frustrating.
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