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By Anonymous
How can they make the most fun combat ever in a video game then go ahead and make the worst fight ever holy **** this is aids
By Anonymous
Kill the cannon mob on the grapple point nearest to the idol, stealth deathblow the boss, kill the canon mob at the end of the swamp on the wooden structure, reset stealth, stealth deathblow the cannon mob patrolling the swamp and use puppet ninjutsu. The cannon mob was able to get the boss to half before before dying.
By Anonymous
I hope who ever designed this set of mini-bosses gets hit by a rickety musket that cuts them in half because it deals more damage than any ****ing sword ever created in the history of the world.
By Anonymous
Juste beat this guy's *** by backstabing him first then hidding in the corner next to the big buddah statue elbow
I then afked and made a sandwich, easiest boss of my life
By Anonymous
You can just lure him into the poison and he slowly dies like that, as of writing this I'm doing it rn
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
imagine fighting this boss head on like a real gamer instead of using the free weapon that is literally lying all over the place
By Anonymous
honestly understand why people hate this mini boss so much but i just think that the grab is really cool
By Anonymous
wtf is the hitbox on that grab attack lmao
By Anonymous
flame vent makes this easy ngl
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