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By Anonymous
Pain in the ***
By Anonymous
By far the worst part of the game
By Anonymous
Worst motherfugger so far
By Anonymous
like your mom
By Anonymous
Can confirm he isnt immune to the poison. If you can wait some time and bait him, this is the easiest win you'll get all game
By Anonymous
Can confirm here, i'm doing it right now actually. But it takes a while for him/her to get poisned. A green sign appears when he becomes poisoned
By Anonymous
Takes forever, but not immune. Be patient and get an easy win.
By Anonymous
Half cheese method: Start at the bonfire in the cave (the 2nd one, not the one before the jump), kill all the gunners, and then cross the bridge and hug the wall. You can sneak up on him for a free deathblow. After that, use side rolls (a lot of them), get a couple of attacks in, and finish it off with some firecrackers. Then reset positioning and repeat till you get the other deathblow.
By Anonymous
Forgot to say, this strategy is for for Snake Eyes Shirafuji (in sunken valley), not Snake Eyes Shirahagi. The other page is not ready yet so I put it here.
By Anonymous
Is there any way to kill this boss without cheesing? He gives too much damage it's stupid.
By Anonymous
Oh lawd she shootin' Use the poison swamp
By Anonymous
Extremely high damage, extremely high posture, extremely high health, bull*****unpredictable random shot. Whoever created this ***** should be hanged.
By Anonymous
So to beat this *****, you have to do the following thing. Go to the idol in the poisoned area at the bottom, so that every time you die, you respawn here. Then, use the grappling hook on the big statue's hand and then on the rock thing on the ground towards the two gunners. DO NOT TOUCH THE POISONOUS AREA BY FOOT OR YOU WILL AGGRO HER. Stealth kill the gunner on the right, then kill the gunner on the left. Grappling hook to the giant bald statue's head, and then slowly crouch and descent from the statue towards the wall. This way you can sneak behind her without aggroing her, and deathblow her once. Other advice I can give you is to pull her towards the area where the two gunners are, and fight her there. After she does her swipe attack, use the thrusting spear on her and attack her twice, OR, jump on her and attack her several times(you will hit her like two times). Usually after she parries you twice or thrice, she tends to do her "kick into shoot" move. So after she parries you like two or three times and you feel that she's about to do the kick attack, again you can jump on her and land some hits. The thrusting spear is what helped me the most against her.
By Anonymous
It's actually a lot easier from the Idol on the opposite side of her, the Ashina Depths's Idol. From there just do a plunging attack on the sniper right below you, then, when looking towards the miniboss, use the grapple points on the right side of the cave to instantly get to her. Fighting over there will not draw aggro form any other enemie in the cave.
By Anonymous
I guess that's fine too. I prefer a bigger fighting spot though, and found myself aggroing the other two ranged enemies all the time, which was annoying to me.
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