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By Anonymous
all this boss deserves is to sit an die of poison while you sit and watch under your big umbrella hat.
By Anonymous
A fine example of horrible enemy design
By Anonymous
Sekiro's katana deals like 1 HP and no poise damage while this ***** smashes me twice with a ****ing pipe and I'm gone.
I like this game but some fights feel really ****ing unfair and stupid. Feels like I gotta cheese half of the mobs to even stand a chance.
By Anonymous
Git gud scrub!!!! Someone please kill me.
By Anonymous
First one drops 119 sen
By Anonymous
lure her into the fog gate and stunlock her if you dont want to get the mobs in the area be alert
By Anonymous
She can be lured on top of the tent with the two other gunners after a sneak deathblow and then if you position it right (her on top of the tent, you hugging one of the tentpoles) you can wait for her hit/shot/grab combos and then jump up, hitting once. It will take several minutes to whittle her hp down for a deathblow but if you, like me, struggled with her parry timings this can cheese the fight pretty consistently unless you time jumps wrong and take a blast right to the face (it... happened to me more times than i dare to admit)
By Anonymous
Seems to be immune to poison swamp now, and the cannoneers were changed to basic shotgunners. From-Soft reminding we have to play the game the way they want us to.
By Anonymous
The poison definitely still seems to work. I just used it not 2 min ago to defeat them. It does seem to take some time to start working and I think, maybe, you need a to do some amount of damage first? I'm not entirely sure but it definitely still worked.
By Anonymous
Nah, Poison definitely works, just takes longer or some hidden extra rule.
By Anonymous
The shotgunners are changed to cannoneers after you defeat the guardian ape
By Anonymous
Poison swamp still works, but it seems they can only get poisoned at a consistent rate when walking through the darker poison pools - the lighter transitory poison in between land builds up much slower, if at all.
By Anonymous
Poison works on base game but doesn't work on NG+. I spent all my emblems on the guy. I used the fire shield to fire at her at a distance and then closed in for the kill.
By Anonymous
It works as of 12th may 2021, literally just did it like 1 min ago
By Anonymous
Puppetier is also very effective :D use it on the 3 gunners in the area and he will have no chance.
By Anonymous
Only miniboss or boss in NG+ that has taken more than 3 attempts. Ended up puppeteering all 3 cannon dudes to get it over with.
By Anonymous
Is it virtually impossible to poison this dumb boss on ng+ or something? I've spent 22 emblems with my piercing sabimaru - and nothing, no effect completely.
By Anonymous
Like the article says, in spite of being a descendant of the Okami, Shirahagi appears to have developed a resistance to poison from her proximity to the Ashina's caustic depths. Considering FROM mentioned patching in some missing poison weaknesses among the enemies and hers has remained consistent we can assume this is the way they intended it. Luckily you can score an easy starting deathblow on her and she's still weak to fire. This fight shouldn't be super difficult, though it usually takes me at least a couple of tries anyway, mainly due to the limitations imposed by the terrain.
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