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By Anonymous
rather use giant club than this **** dex weapon
By Anonymous
Came here to say that
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
PKCS better than this sucky weapon tbh
By Anonymous
Git gud u scrub
By Anonymous
I came here looking for a comment like this haha. Ty for the laugh
By Anonymous
Dumb Katana is useless against any form of armor including very thick clothes, breaks easily and has no reach compared to two handed polearms
By Anonymous
They're basically just curved longswords, they wouldn't have existed for some 900 years if they were THAT bad. Plus I can only think of one modern game off the top of my head that doesn't make edged weapons magically cut through armor for gameplay purposes, and it's more simulator than game
By Anonymous
the bit about polearms applies to literally all types of sword. spears, halberds, and other similar weapons have always been way better than swords but at the same time completely underrepresented
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This is some next level weeb ****, real men only use the loaded axe and die with dignity after running out of emblems
By Anonymous
Git gud casul
By Anonymous
chad behavior
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
The world's loudest sword
By Anonymous
Not true, my friend has real long sword that is welded with copper in the hilt (it was broken once) and when we fencing with it, it is ringing like the bell.
By Anonymous
your friend is a god damn nerd
By Anonymo
Parrying some dragon god and some monke poop fart couldnt be more easier
By Anonymous
Only dex noobs use this
By Rat123456
Yeah,real Sekiro pros use the PKCS
By Anonymous
This better be in elden ring as a dex weapon just for easter eggs like moonlight greatsword
By Anonymous
Wolf made it to the West, the Lands Between, and we end up finding him and the Divine Child of Rejuvenation somewhere. Lol. Not gonna happen, but would be neat.