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By Anonymous
Was able to purchase phantom kunai before encountering lady butterfly.
By Anonymous
They worth the money?
By Anonymous
Same but can't do anything with it, how do I apply them ? I don't see an upgrade option with the sculptor.
By Firabanana
The phantom butterflies do unblockable damage and auto-lock on enemies, pretty easy to use "fire and forget" prosthetic tool.

I've found great success using them on the pesky nightjar enemies.
By Anonymous
I have the Phantom Kunai yet I can't upgrade it on The Sculptor... I have to add that [Spoilers] ................. He is sick so idk if it's relevant. Any help?
By Anonymous
I think you need the reward from the Horseman miniboss to access upgrades.
By Anonymous
Got this phantom kunai, scrap iron, and black gunpowder but can't do anything with them. Wtf? The Sculptor only gives me 2 options when talking to him; talk or fit new prosthetic tool. I guess either a story event must take place or my dragon rot is too high? I've heard high rot will prevent NPC side quests...can anyone varify this? I have 4 Rot Essence: 1. Sculptor 2. New Peddler 3. Scared Maid 4. Fine Son My Unseen Aid is 10%
By Anonymous
You must kill the main boss in ashina outskirts to unlock upgrades
By Anonymous
I would go buy a droplet and clear rot then try sculptor again only thing i can think of, wouldn't be surprised if he's gone for good. :\ buddy of mine said if you die too much throughout the game it effects some crucial NPCS and can alter the end game pretty dramatically, according to him it can be pretty negative as he choose to ignore the rot and is kicking himself now ./smh lol yelled NO SPOILERS after that (X best of luck! One thing that i've been doing that's been super helpful during boss encounters is to make sure you have a droplet first and foremost, then go to a vendor and purchase as many bags of coin you can, and then you can run the boss encounter as many times as need to understand the mechanics and simply heal dragon rot from 100+ deaths and sell bags of coin (that wasn't lost on death! ;) hope that helps!
By Anonymous
Will I obtain this item by simply defeating Lady Butterfly? Or can it only be bought?
By Anonymous
after completing the merchant npcs objectives in the hirata estate you can buy the kunai materisl after that you need to craft it on the upgrade tree
By Anonymous
killed anayama in the past by accident, how do I get the kunai
By Anonymous
Me to, why would they allow me to kill him if he was important? I didn’t know he becomes a merchant.
By Anedime
If you're asking "why would they allow me to kill him if he was important" You should really look up From Software games before playing this. 90% of important NPCs are killable in from software games, that's just how it goes.
By Anonymous
Ahh I remember my first souls/souls like. Dark souls one accidentally hit one of the first merchants .I was like oh no I reset the game and he was still Agro only thing to do is hard reset
By Anonymous
The game allowed you to kill him, but you didn't have to. You're the one who made the choice to attack a non-aggressive stranger without even considering that they were important. You can either start the game over or deal with him in your second playthrough. Just remember: the game didn't kill him; you did.
By Anonymous
In the offering box way late in the game
By Anonymous
What if you killed the merchant in the past? He told me where to get the mist raven feather, so once I got it I went back to talk with him. He didn’t say anything else so I killed him thinking he would drop something. Then I read about how he becomes a merchant in the future. Why would they allow me to attack him and not other important npc’s? That’s so stupid.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
You can buy it at the shrine box next to the undead guy at dilapidated Temple after you reach the last section of the fame.
By Anonymous
lol youre not supposed to randomly kill npcs in from games on the first playthrough
By Anonymous
walking around murdering everything .. complaining game doesn t protect you LUL
By Anonymous
Check the offering box at the Dilapated Temple (by the undying guy.) If it ain’t there it ain’t showing up.
By Anonymous
Because he really isn't that "Important". He doesn't have any main story role, and if you kill him early you can buy the kunai from the offering box.
By Anonymous
Welcome to Dark Souls: Feudal Japan fool x)
By Anonymous
Why did you attack an NPC to begin with? Thats so stupid. Seriously have you never played a FROM game before? If you cannot lock on do not kill. Its pretty simple.
By Anonymous
In order to actually upgrade your kunai you have to kill gyoubou. Then you get an item which allows you to upgrade your prostetic.
By Anonymous
THIS JUST IN: just discovered how to enable these in game, you have to unlock tier 4 of your prosthetic upgrades, unlocked mine after upgrading shurikens and the axe
By Anonymous
Fastest upgrade "route" to the Kunai's is as follows: Spinning Shurikens (1st, iron ?/?) --> Spring-loaded Axe (2nd, Iron 5/5) --> Aged Feather-Mist Raven (3rd, magnetite 2/2, lump of wax 1/1, gunpowder 2/2) --> Phantom Kunai's (4th, 1000 sen, 3000 sen mat from merchant, Magnetite 3/3, Wax 3/3, Iron 6/6)
By Anonymous
this is merely an assumption based off what upgrades I can see, and that are unlocked, now noticing the link it has with the very first row 4th column ability, not sure if it will require that being unlocked to utilize Kunais or vise versa, no idea. stand by for update lol
By Anonymous
As the saying goes, assumption is the mother of all *****ups. You need to have all connected upgrades. So both the mist raven thing and gouging top are needed.