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Would choosing to die once I'm downed cause dragon rot to not become an issue then?
Other way around. Dying is what spreads it, resurrection has no effect on the spread of Dragonrot. The best strategy I've found is that if it's just too overwhelming, resurrect and run. Don't chance it, get back to an idol and finish things up later.
I agree, resurrecting on the spot doesn't give any rot idols, dieing does. Not sure on the mechanic or if NPCs die yet or not
the page both says "It does not matter whether you Resurrect or not, you can still gain Dragonrot if you respawn at a Sculptor's Idol, so there is no point in not Resurrecting if you can." and "Dragonrot is increased by : Resurrecting". Which one is it? Does resurrecting increase dragonrot or not?
I just got one NPC sick with respawn at Idol and I DIDN'T use any ressurection in fight. So i guess it doesn't matter if you ressurect or not. Futhermore, I think it is advised to ressurect so you can win a fight and not die permanently (which we know raises dragonrot).
The best strat is to resurrect and then run to an idol to heal
Resurrecting does NOT increase dragonrot. Dragonrot only increases when you die (AKA respawn at an idol)
Can somebody answer please: How many times you can die before any NPC dies? Do you get any information like: X is about to die, use your Dragon's Blood Droplet asap? Just want to stack up on Dragon's Blood Droplets and use them only when needed, considering how rare they are.
I've died like 200 times and not had a single NPC die on me. I think it literally JUST stops questlines. Nothing else.
its simple people. IF YOU RESURECT WHERE YOU ARE AT youre good IF YOU GET SENT BACK TO AN IDOL TO RESURECT you're a plague spreader
Well, i must hand it to FROM software for this one, not only do we get a protagonist who has the personality of a piece of drift wood and a living macguffin who really needs to be sacrificed to a dragon so I can get a shinier sword, but we also get punished for dying by making it less likely that we get to see any real story from the NPC's. Bravo FROM, Bravo
Ohh, I see you never play Demon's Souls... this was a main mechanic on that game, when you die you Character Tendency and World tendency change to black, blocking certain paths on the game but open others, but wait, you can change the tendecy back to normal and to pure white.... so yeah, nothing new here.
you can just cure them...
Stop being***** and just get good then *. You don't need them to complete the story.
Protagonist with the personality of driftwood - Say hello to any souls protagonist that the player makes. punished by dying.. hmm, wonder what that reminds me of. How about you cure the afflicted, Try saving your cures for when you die and have a whole mass of people with the rot and then use one at the idol, boom, all cured. Stop your whining. Learn to play and stop using Wiki's to try compensate for your lack of skill.
imagine being this***** at videogays lmao
Even though this is fairly old, it seems wrong to let the only replies be from the dregs of the community that genuinely make me ashamed to enjoy these games. So, to reply to these non-arguments defending an incredibly stupid mechanic (I'm normally more civil but since that's clearly not something anyone else put any effort into I don't see any reason to waste my energy being nice): 1) First, it's clear you never played Demon's Souls or you would know that playing online made world tendency nearly impossible to control and offline only has a finite number of ways to move world tendency toward white so it's literally impossible to freely switch between black and white tendency. Second, apparently you never played any other Soulsborne game because if you had you would realize that FROM ditched that entire mechanic presumably because it was a convulted mess that served no purpose but to unnecessarily complicate the game for no reason. Third, the character tendency was completely unaffected by your deaths and world tendency only moved towards black if you died in human form outside of the nexus meaning you can completely avoid any tendency changes occurring from death which makes it fundamentally different from dragonrot. 2) This is the only non-*****ish reply so I'll actually try to be civil for this response. While it's true that dragonrot can be easily cured, that just highlights that the mechanic is completely pointless. The fact that it's tied to the terrible unseen aid mechanic just makes it worse 3) Since a large part of the story comes from the side quests, saying they're not necessary for the story is just idiotic. And 'Git Gud' is an asinine response given by people when they can't think of any other response and reflects the equally asinine idea that everything in a FROMSOFT game is fair as long as it's physically possible to beat which is such a low bar to set that everything qualifies as fair unless it's so poorly programmed that it's literally impossible to beat 4) The lack of personality is a staple of the Soulsborne series but this isn't part of the Soulsborne series and has a far more structured narrative than those games so it's not unreasonable to expect the character to have more of a personality given that his relationship to the other characters is actually important to the story. There's a massive difference between the way Sekiro punishes you for dying and the way the Soulsborne games did that they can't even be compared. In the latter games you were given a fair chance to use what you learned from your death to retrieve everything you lost so you only get punished for dying if you ***** up twice. In Sekiro it's literally dumb luck with a minimum of a 70% chance of losing half of your experience and money which is antithetical to the entire concept of the Soulsborne series. Additionally, death wasn't a mechanic that was designed to lock you out of any story elements in the Soulsborne games unlike Sekiro even though both are designed with the expectation that you'll die a lot. Even if it's a relatively minor penalty (the awful unseen aid mechanic is so bad it renders the penalties that decrease its chances entirely pointless), that doesn't mean it's not a poorly designed feature at a conceptual level. 5) This barely qualifies as a thought and is clearly written by someone who has failed at life so hard that their entire self worth comes from a wildly misplaced confidence in their ability to play video games. I have severe clinical depression and even I feel sorry for you
can the same characters you cured get dragonrot twice?
Yes so keep those Dragon's Blood Droplet nearby
So what exactly does increasing resurrection power by consuming a droplet mean.. consume enough of them and u get more resurrections or does it res u with more life or does it jus give u a res back if u used it while fighting I mean these are important. Sigh.
While resurrecting doesn't cause Dragonrot, I think it does increase the chance someone will contract it. While playing the game I would run back to the idol and rest whenever I resurrected, doing so at least 100 times while brute forcing my way through mini-bosses. On my third 'respawn at idol' death both the Sculptor and another NPC contracted the disease.
I think the first case of Dragonrot is pretty much scripted after a few deaths to be to sculptor and someone else so you can learn how to cure it from Emma early on
Sounds like a lame mechanic. Why not just lose items instead of losing NPC quests upon death?
It really ties the stakes to the story without punishing you more upon death.
"prevents progression of their Quests" not losing. You can cure them to progress.
It's not that bad, it takes a lot of deaths to activate and you end up with more droplets than you need by the end of the game.
So you have to play it multiple times to get all the story elements