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By Dnbix
Phase 1 : Spam dodge (left or right side) + attack Phase 2 : Wait for her to drop at the back of the room, attack her like P1 then Kill the illusions (With shuriken its fairly easy), and repeat. When she transforms illusions in butterflies, just hide behind a pillar or jump.
By Anonymous
just spam firecrackers lol i stunlocked her for the last half of her phase 2 posture bar by just slash>slash>firecracker
By Anonymous
pre-caution: save your dragon blood, proceed to gyoubu before this, because u may die many times, use the dragon blood to cure all dragonrot at once after killing them both tgt. step1: turn all your money into sprit emblem step2: try hard miyazaki. ﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉ Entering by running in: 1-she stay there, this will follow by 2 wave of kunai and 2 charge attack, simply stand far enough to dodge everything,she will have a small opening after charge. 2- she run at you, this always followed by sweep attack, simply run at her and double jump to break posture. Combat: 3hit and prepare to block, she will 1- do a kick(parry it is easy, it have same pace with your atk). Repeat, be careful that this time you can only do 2 hit and block, she will do the kick on your third attack. 2- back off and shoot kunai (same timing with 1 just block it). Move in and continue fight 3-dont give a ***** (prepare for series of parry, just spam parry if your heart beat is above 190bpm). She will do like 3hit combo finished by a stomp and charge from string. Parry the last charge is easy. On string: after she jump on the string wait for her next move.Whatever she do next just shuriken her and she will fall off. ﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉﹉ Phase 2: She will jump from the big buddha statue, lock on her, and wait for her to jump down, she will always land at the same place, give her 2 hits and she will back off. Combat: same as phase 1 but this time need to be careful of the butterfly. Ultimate: be careful when 2 butterfly appear and she do the “dont give a *****” posture. Remain blocking until the 2 butterfly is blocked, at the same time listen to the pace of her attack and start parry (or spam). She will end it with a sweep attack with 危. Step on her. Illusion : 1-if her posture is very high, just run around the map in circle until she pop the illusion into butterfly. You can out run them in circular way. 2-If her posture is low, pop the pea if u have confidence to kill her. You can leave 1/2 illusion alive to lure her into big opening. She got long animation when she try to turn the illu into butterfly, take the chance to do big dmg.Just dodge the 1/2 butterfly after that or just take the hit if u r desperate. Note that the pea only illu in small area. Make sure most of the illusion is around you when u pop the pea. Tell her who is the puppy
By Anonymous
What the ****?
By Anonymous
dash right, hit, repeat
By MaxwellDemonic
You can avoid the illusion generated butterflies by simply sprinting in a circle around the arena. The entire illusion phase can be done that way, effectively mitigating it.
By Anonymous
The illusions need to be summoned first, if you can keep within fighting range for phase 2 she simply wont summon them. Couple that with the loaded axe for high posture damage and she become more manageable
By Anonymous
I gotta second the loaded axe part. My strat on the first phase is stay close-mid range, and exploit every opportunity to make granny pancakes that opens up quite often. Once out of spirit, use the Ichimonji combat art to keep the pressure on her posture. I usually get through the first stage at a third of her health left.
By Anonymous
Don’t give up, skeleton
By Anonymous
Lady Butterfly was the first boss I fight and I had no upgrades for her. I spent an hour struggling with her, waiting for openings, but ultimately just letting her control the fight by playing defensively. This is wrong. Don't do this. Fight aggressively and do not let her get away from you. Sprint up to her when the fight starts, using the pillars to block daggers. Deflect if she zips toward you. Once you're in melee range, just keep swinging at her. She will deflect after two or three attacks. If it's after three attacks, she almost is guaranteed to snap kick at you. Easy to deflect or even just block and go back to attacking her. If she deflects after two hits, she will jump back to escape. If you sprint up to her and are fast enough, you can interrupt her and keep her in the loop - if not, just watch her as she jumps and follow her and continue the loop where she lands. On some occasions when she gets away, she won't jump, but will instead sweep. Just be ready for this and jump it. It's free damage for you. Phase two is exactly the same. Just wait for her in front of the statue for when she jumps down and you can start the fight this way. She will likely get away once and summon two wisps, but unless you're close to death, you can ignore them. They don't hit hard and don't interrupt you. If you keep her in this loop, she won't even go into illusion phase. If she does, however, shuriken them all and when you see the big mass of wisps, use the pillars to block them. Get back in her face and continue. There is an AI loop that can also be abused, but it isn't 100% reliable. If you attack twice (both hits being blocked,) then pause, she will generally do one of two things: crouch in preparation for a jump, or start into a combo which you can either deflect or just deflect the last hit (the string doesn't do a lot of posture damage until the last hit.) If you start attacking her in the crouch, the second hit will interrupt her and she'll go back to blocking. Two more blocks continues the loop. Occasionally she'll break out of this by deflecting the second hit to retreat. Just follow the above strategy.
By Anonymous
As already noticed below, the best strategy to send her back to the graveyard really is just to spam the attacking button at her from close range. Initially I too was playing very defensively, waiting for her to attack and then looking for an opening to deal some damage. However, this turned out to be somewhat ineffective, as she ended up having the best of me using her perilous attacks, grabbing me left and right from above. The mechanic of this boss is simply such that her posture bar fills up quite quickly if she is hit repeatedly. Despite being somewhat counterintuitive, this really is the most efficient way to counter her. Get as close as possible to her and perform fast attacks or combat arts (in particular the Nightjar Slash works pretty well), better so if she is cornered against the wall. It seems that she is unable to get out of the thrusts and this allows you to fill up her posture bar completely once you start one such combinations. Should she fly up to the sky, use the Shuriken via your prosthetic arm to hit her down (this is particularly helpful also when she starts one of her perilous combinations as a way to interrupt them). The second part of the fight works likewise, mutatis mutandis. She will summon a group of shadow helpers who from time to time may turn into butterfly illusions and hit you, dealing some damage; moreover, she will be more aggressive and will tend to fly up more often. The same strategy holds, however; there is no need to engage the shadows (you may wait for them to disappear after turning into butterflies or use snap seeds to remove the illusions), rather focus on her character and try to engage in an attacking combination, as described before. This may take few more tries because she tends to escape more often, together with dealing more posture damage, but it is just a matter of trial and error. As last note is it just me or is this boss an exact copy of Hino-Enma from Nioh?
By Anonymous
I mean, I guess she's an exact copy of Hino-Enma in the same way Gundyr is an exact copy of Father Gascoigne.
By Anonymous
Or okatsu ? I feel she more like okatsu than enma
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