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By Anonymous
Got her after several tries.

1st Phase:
After she attacks, right as she drops her guard scurry over to her and spam the Floating Passage combat art. You'll know when to back off when she returns an attack. When she jumps and you see the symbol move out of the way and if you're fast enough you can shoot a shuriken so she falls. If she falls punish away with FP again. If she does the cross slice symbol jump away or if you can do it, land on her head and reposition yourself for more FP spam.

2nd Phase:
Same as above but this time she will summon ghosts. At first thin then out or run around the stage so that they clump up when they chase you. When she turns them into butterflies hide behind a pillar and keep a lookout for the boss. Repeat FP spam.

I did try the dodge/attack described by others but it wasn't working out. Good luck!
By Anonymous
the fight with this ***** knocks off the rhythm before the battle with inner genichiro. hate this wom*n
By Anonymous
First try I’m so good
By Anonymous
Damn y’all hate me
By Anonymous
You can stunlock her with dodge counters. Just spam dodge - attack - dodge - attack in like a semicircle around her. She flinches from these just enogh for you to make another one. First phase is almost possible without getting hit if you do it this way. in second phase she we became more agile and will some times break from the stun. In this case, use suriken with chasing slice to quickly close down on her. Beat her this way with one vitality upgrade and 3 flasks with upgrade from chained ogre.
By Anonymous
Almost got her moment ago, only one more parry or attack and her posture will be no more in second phase and then she jumped through the texture to the wall and killed me with shurikens, that were invisible. I was little disapointed.
By Anonymous
What a bs fight. Only reason why I am finishing this game its made by from. Just compare how her posture recovers vs yours. And you only need to deflect? No you need to constantly attack so her stupid posture doesnt recover much. Throw a star if she is away just to delay her regen
By Anonymous
deflect, wait for her to do a punishable move, attack, chip at her health bar, once it is low enough, simply keep deflecting till her posture breaks, if she goes in the air, shuriken, as with most fights in this game, have patience, stay as close as possible to her, learn the timings of her moves.
By Anonymous
That's a **** reason to play a game you don't like. From isnt some benevolent studio with only your best interests at heart. They're just as money hungry as any other company
By Anonymous
I love how this battle encouraged a new player like me to get ultra aggressive, discovering the loop where you start parrying each other until you get a posture kill. Didn’t try shooting her out of the air, but I see how that would help. Not using any prosthetic moves in phase 1 helped me get a good enough rhythm down to where I could use gunpowder to keep up enough posture pressure in phase 2. Not easy, but natural enough to learn for someone like me who is slow to learn boss movesets.
By Anonymous
Whirlwind Slash. Just come up to her and spam it, just hold right mouse button amd spam left. If you nail her to wall, she cant do anything.
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