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By Anonymous
I completely forgot that I had even rung this thing and then I hadn't played for a few days after. Didn't notice much of a difference in game play as most of the enemies at this point were new, so I couldn't compare their difficulties to a previous run anyway lol.
By Anonymous
A few players have stated that they didn't know what the bell did when they rang it and they played through the game and didn't notice the difference. Not to undermine the skill of these guys, it makes me wonder if they just read the memo on the bell without actually interacting with the hammer that rings it. The note simply tells you not to ring it but when you actually activate it a prompt fills your screen telling you basically, "You have activated the bell and you are possessed by a demon. Enemies are tougher now and drop rates have increased" as well as the little demon appearing below your health bar indefinitely. I find it hard that anyone that rings the bell doesn't notice this.
By Anonymous
i rang the bell not knowing what it did. THought it might summon the 4 monkeys. I dont remember any notification that said that message but i have the bell demon. im on ps4
By Anonymous
I’ve watched my little brother play video games (he’s almost an adult), he doesn’t read anything. He just clicks through every text box. It drives me nuts.
By Anonymous
I highly recommend people use this. Honestly, I rang the bell, didn’t realize what it actually did and just kept on trucking. I feel like I got a lot better at the game very quickly because of it.
By Anonymous
Lol 5 downvotes from ****** that can barely beat the game even without demon bell.
By Anonymous
^ Whoah, badass alert...
By Anonymous
Edge Lord Mcgee over here. "****** can't beat a game! Hurumph!" Hide your mom, hide your sister, hide your wife. The ***** Slayer has entered the game!!!
By Anonymous
Bull*****You get a pop up that tells you exactly what it does. Don't lie.
By Anonymous
A sound and polite opinion. Salty hate follows.
By Anonymous
It gives a pop up that tells you EXACTLY what it does, when you ring the bell.....
By Anonymous
Can it be repeatedly use after you dispelled it?
By Anonymous
Yes I'm sure, you can keep cancelling and ringing it
By Anonymous
You absolutely can
By Anonymous
In a way this is a good 'git gud' tool for people to use if they're struggling with the game forcing you to learn the mechanics faster than you usually would.
By Anonymous
The burden may be linked to additional dark-apparition type enemies spawning in specific locations, e.g. on the bridge to corrupted monk and at the gun fort shrine.
By KittyFatts
I had the apparition samurai spawn on the corrupted monk without ringing the bell.
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By Stephetheon
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Those goobers start appearing after the Guardian Ape, regardless of Demon Bell ringing
By Anonymous
I think the increase in apparitions is linked to the game cycle. They seem to become more prevalent with each NG+.
By Anonymous
The apparitions spawn based in your progress.

As you progress, the night approaches more and more. The apparitions only spawn at night.
By Anonymous
No, it happens during the evening phase of the game regardless of the demon bell
By Anonymous
These ghosts appears depending which questline you finish last. For example before the owl you need to collect the mortal blade, kill the guardian ape and get an item from the wedding chamber. Depending on which route you take last, ghosts will appear there.
By Anonymous
hello boys
By Anonymous
Doesn't really make the game that much harder, tbh. I toyed with it in the early game and then from genichiro to the end just kept it on permanently and really the only part I noticed was the increased posture damage, but that's easy to manage with ichimonji or sugars.
By Anonymous
I agree, however with Kuro's charm you really do feel the pain, not only through posture, but also through the chip damage. Certain bosses can easily chip of 1/3 or even half your health through block with both debuffs on.
By Anonymous
does demon bell effects on main bosses?
By Anonymous
It does
By Anonymous
Just beat the game and went to google "Kuro's Charm" and got led to this. I just realized I beat the game with this thing active for most of it without reading what it did. I'm such a dummy XD
By Anonymous
Okay, Humblebrag, we get it
By Anonymous
Dang, didn't think people would read into my comment so negatively, but re-reading it I can see how it could come across like that. I wasn't trying to brag about beating a videogame, I agree that that would be petty. I honestly thought it was funny and decided to share but I'll think about how I word things next time.
By Anonymous
Don’t worry about it, people get angry over the dumbest stuff
By Anonymous
I did the same thing, no idea why people are so upset about your comment lol
By Anonymous
I was mad at you but then i farted and giggled about it and forgot
By Anonymous
Lol all the downvotes are from the little ****** that couldnt even beat the first Miniboss without Kuro's charm. Pay them no mind, they're mad cause they suck at this game.
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