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By Anonymous
More like dumbbell.. get it? Cuz it makes you stronger? Ha
By Anonymous
If there is anyone still playing in current times I had found a way to further increase difficulty on yourself and it has become the only way I prefer to play the game.

Go into your settings and change your HUD to "Always off". You think this wouldn't do much but you have to be fully aware of everything about the game, you can't see your health, your posture gauge, nor the enemies. You don't see the finishing blow indicator. Hell, you can't even see grapple hook indicators. It May take some getting used to at first but it is the best way to play the game in my opinion.

I had just recently started playing again so thought I would share.
By Anonymous
You're a moron
By Anonymous
That sounds like hell. But to each his own
By Anonymous
Do you guys even purchase a game to enjoy it or just to torture your own self?
By Anonymous
Both. Soul’s games are more fun when they’re unreasonably difficult
By Anonymous
I play Bloodborne this way. Still gittin gud at Sekiro though.
By Anonymous
just don't get hit ez
By Anonymous
That would be fine if sekiro looked like he was fatiguing or there was some visual on him
By Anonymous
If I ring the bell more than once, will it get harder and give more loots? Or it's just 1 level?
By Anonymous
Just 1 level
By Anonymous
Actually, the lore is like this. In the bell resides demon. Whoever rings the bell the demon comes to him(check you inventory). So after 1 ring, there is no demon in the bell and it's a regular demon. And once you dispel the demon, it goes back to the bell.
By Anonymous
Its f##kin funny to read these comments "forgot to dispell sinister burden before boss fight" XD. Do some testing, Demon Bell only applies to regular non "BOSS" enemies.
By Anonymous
Really??Only mobs get harder??Not bosses???
By Anonymous
It most certainly affects the gauntlets "go do some testing"
By Anonymous
I did some testing with the gauntlets, and I didn't notice any damage increase, I have done screenshots while being hit by the same attack, once with bell demon, and once without, so I could compare it later, and there was no damage increase. Someone correct me please, because it is possible that I simply didn't notice something
By Anonymous
This is factually incorrect. Had it on with Genichiro and he is markedly more difficult with it on.

I don't know what you thought you'd accomplish by posting something so evidently wrong, because it takes 2 seconds to debunk.
By Anonymous
I just did demon bell on isshin (sword saint) in reflections of strength. He took more hits, posture regenerated quicker and I took more damage from all his attacks. Without demon bell, I can typically beat him without healing (still get hit, but can regenerate any minor damage via deathblows), but with demon bell, I healed 7x. So yea, there's your "testing"
By Anonymous
is it worth it? pls don't boast about how easy it is for you with it, just curious if anyone deems the added loot and sen wortht the struggle
By Anonymous
Oh yeah, I stumbled upon it on my first play through and not knowing what it was, activated it. I went on to beat the whole game with ease. Only after reading what it does on the wiki did I even know that it makes the game harder. LMAO
So yeah, you should use it. I didn’t even notice the difference.
By Anonymous
I play with it on my first NG and didn't ever need to farm for upgrade materials so i'll say it worth it.
you can just use the item before hard bossfight anyways
By Anonymous
there is a point in sekiro where you actually just activate bell demon because you can deflect most attacks that come your way and dodge those you can't deflect. you will enjoy the increased spoils if you are good at this game.
By Anonymous
It's worth it because it makes battles last longer due to higher enemy vitality and posture. But the game is structurally still the same so if you can beat regular enemies hitless, you'll likely do the same with bell demon (This is mainly for regular enemies. Longer boss battles may lead to getting hit more due to a longer battle allowing you to get hit, especially against an enemy you don't regularly encounter and can practice on). Added benefit is the extra loot. Just my experience though. But yea, it adds some spice to the game haha
By Anonymous
Didn't know what this does and played through the game with it. Silly me XD. Also accidentally gave away kuros charm, didn't see any difference in difficulty. Guess I'm just that good XD
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I accidentally beat every Dark Souls with an unupgraded Broken Straight Sword because I didn't know how to change weapons. XD Silly me. XD Guess I'm just that good. XD

By Anonymous
Jeez dude save some ***** for the rest of us
By Anonymous
imagine being this dumb
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This comment is clearly a joke that makes fun of the people who says this stuff unironically.
By Anonymous
Bell Demon is weird, it's a noticeable increase on NG but it doesn't really scale, so by NG+7 it's a tiny, nearly unnoticeable increase.
By Anonymous
It apparently adda a NG level. So on NG you'll have the difficulty of NG+. And the first NG+ jump is always bigger than the others.
By Anonymous
Not a slightest bit of difficulty increase. Kuro's charm is a different story though.
By Anonymous
Not completely. Demon Bell increases both enemies vitality and posture, and also the damage they deal to Sekiro's vitality and posture. That increase is higher if you play with Kuro's charm in your inventory. If you play with both penalties (ringing Demon Bell and play Charmless), the negative effects from Demon Bell are reduced compared to play with only the Demon Bell on. Off course with both penalties on, the game is much harder. But speaking to each penalty separately, Demon Bell is not inferior to play Charmless. They are just different.
By Anonymous
I love that one my first playthrough I ring the bell and forgot to check the thing I got from it, so I spent my whole first game with a difficulty buff, man was I confused on my second playthrough when bosses were going down way easier...
By Anonymous
I used it for farming some divine confetti and forgot to take it off, ended playing half the game with it on until I realized. Lol
By Anonymous
lmao i was farming skill points to have enough spirit emblems for the guardian ape boss fight, then i forgot to use the item and ended up killing the ape yo!
By Anonymous
Oopsie!! Teehee :3
By Anonymous
Use it inside gauntlets if you have problem with inner boys :))
By Anonymous
If you’re having trouble I’d assume you wouldn’t want a difficulty increase.
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