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By MatinArtorias
If you have problem with deflecting his jetstreamSam unsheathe,just run around until he does it and then sabimaru when he wants to sheathe his sword,rinse and repeat
By Anonymous
This guy should seriously be a tutorial boss to teach deflections, it would be really good for learning the game first time.
By Anonymous
one small detail i noticed is that when he goes into the stance he says something that im pretty sure means something like "let's go" only really noticeable if you mess around with mods and pop inf puppet on him and have him fight other enemies, he says it when he goes from his idle to the stance
By Anonymous
I don’t fear the man who has practiced ten thousand kicks once, I fear the man who has practiced one kick ten thousand times
By Anonymous
What's all the fuss? I beat this guy on the first try. All you do is spam deflect on his flurry attack, attack to bait it out again, then deflect a few more times. Then give him the stabby stabby. I don't think he hit me once.
By Anonymous
Used this strategy and got him down in two tries. Thanks bro.
By Anonymous
I can't see why people are struggling with this guy, you literally just press right click when you see that very distinct white light appear on his sword
By Anonymous
Got to agree, I've struggled on a bunch of bosses and hell even some regular enemies but this dude was so easy with the loaded umbrella!
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
How do people struggle with this guy after beating the Shinobi Hunter & Lady Butterfly? You literally just tap the ****in button right when it lights up, and his posture fills ridiculously fast; possibly the easiest 'boss' in any FromSoft game.
By Anonymous
It's so fast I can't even see it. **** this ****.
By Anonymous
I can see it but I cant press button in time consistently
By Anonymous
can not wait until i murder this guy so his soul can go rot in the pit of hell for eternity and i can hang his bloody, lifeless body in front of his wife and kids and carve out his guts and crush his skull into a million little pieces

**** this guy to eternity
By Anonymous
if a video game makes you so angry that you think things like this, you should seek therapy. all jokes aside.
By Anonymous
Mist raven makes him cake not sure why this isn't in the write up
By Anonymous
least insane fromsoftware enjoyer
By Anonymous
*In Minecraft
By Anonymous
When he sheaths his sword for ashina cross, wait until the hilt of his sword flashes and immediately deflect twice. It worked pretty much every time for me. Also works for the final boss.
By Anonymous
god bless
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