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By Anonymous
This boss isn't required. Going back down the stair case behind the 2 enemies by the window is a destructible wall which will lead you back up on onto the roof on a higher level than encore where you can access the boss that comes after Jimusuke
By Anonymous
lmao this is the easiest miniboss in the entire game, killed it in 30 seconds just by spamming parry
By Anonymous
i had same experience, but probably we both got lucky since people have trouble with him
By Schwagga
This boss is INCREDIBLY weak to the Sabimaru. Bait out his draw attack which leaves him open to being combo'd up, watch for the poison to apply, back off and laugh as his health drains to ~25%. he has two health bars so you might run low on Spirit but the poison will do more than enough to just switch off to the spear thrust upgrade and finish him
By Anonymous
Dodge left, whirlwind, dodge left, whirlwind, try tongue but hole.
By Anonymous
He takes a few moments to stand up when you enter the room, which lets you get some free hits on him. He takes huge posture damage (around 80%) if you parry his draw strike. I wasn't able to get the timing with the sword, but the umbrella makes it trivial. Run in, ichimonji, umbrella -> first health bar down. For the second health bar, just need 2 umbrella deflects. Watch his hand and press the button when you see it close around the sword handle and there's a flash.
By Anonymous
just parry his draw strike 4 times then his posture is broken. Repeat it in the second half....done
By Anonymous
U take upgraded spear ( Then u just spam this***** till it die.
By Anonymous
spear that trusting* (Loaded Spear Thrust Type)
By Anonymous
The ***** is everyone on about? This dude is borderline impossible. Unless I'm somehow WAY further into the game than I should be (I only have the axe, feather, shuriken, and flame cannon, no upgrades, a few skills, and 1 health upgrade and 1 attack upgrade). Seriously, I've tried what everyone has mentioned, and this dude is just unstoppable, he always gets off a hit no matter what I do, and every time I revive, he attacks so damn fast, the game doesn't even have time to register that I input a dodge or block after I revive. This dude is pure *******
By Anonymous
So I'm not much better off than you equipment-wise (don't even have the feather, but I've got my second health and attack upgrades). You can get at least that plus two more minor bosses done before you reach this guy. I'm guessing your attack upgrade is from Lord Gyoubu, so I'd recommend now placing the bell at the buddha statue in the temple and doing the Hinata Estate area. Completing that should net you enough extra necklace beads and a memory, which makes it easier. For actually beating this guy, took me a bit, but the way to handle it is to double-tap the deflect button. If you press and hold to deflect his first strike and block the second, you'll keep taking chunks of vitality and posture damage. Instead, once you've got the deflect timing for his first draw attack down, every time you deflect it double-tap the deflection and you should parry his second strike. He doesn't get any more inventive (not really) in the second phase either, so once you've handled that he'll fall.
By Anonymous
Hold down your sprint button and run in circles around him, clockwise. Eventually he will sheath his sword and do a devastating attack that definitely won't hit you. Attack him once from behind and run away. Repeat until his health bar is empty.
By Anonymous
Didn't try Sabimaru, but parrying his main 2 hit attack with iron fortress wipes of almost his entire posture bar in one shot. So he's weak to a couple of prosthetics.
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