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By Anonymous
my name is
shake zula
By Anonymous
gundyr but he has a horse
By Anonymous
Why is this the first boss?
Stupid game!
By Anonymous
It's hard to shake off the Souls, but only his 危 attack is unblockable. Every other big intimidating sweep that hits the bass frequencies of your audio and shakes the screen and distorts the air CAN be 100% blocked for free, and his horse has no trampling effect as it moves around. So hug him
By Anonymous
Hello, Tree Sentinel!
By Anonymous
desperately need a cheese for this worm ****er
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there is a cheese, but i won't tell you as it is stated very vaguely in this wiki
By Anonymous
I just found out that you can interrupt his introduction, glad I never did tbh, that would be rude. Still killed the hell out of him though
By Anonymous
>Finish Elden Ring
>Think i'm ready for Sekiro, it can't be that hard after i beat Malenia
>Die a lot but keep my pride
>"First boss should be easy"
>This guy wipes the floor with me 10 times and makes me sit the **** down before i beat him

This is gonna be a journey and a half
By Anonymous
Ahaha i also thought that now i am ready to play Sekiro after beating ER twice. I thought this way since i beat Malenia a lot (helped other people too) Sekiro bosses would be more easy for me. Although i beat this boss first time i can not beat Lady Butterfly. I always get closer to uninstall Sekiro each time (which never happened for ER) but the combat feels amazing so i cannot uninstall.
By Anonymous
cuz elden ring mainly follows dark souls logic/rules, to doge an enemy, you roll away

in sekiro, its far more reactive, you have to parry every single attack frame perfect or die, and rolling away isn't as viable as you can just spam an attack

its why this game took me ages to beat
By Anonymous
But when you do get good, you get really good. This guy is a little ***** to me now.
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