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Weakness is gunpowder fire cracker are great
where do you get it though? link is broken
Merchant right after general Niaomi but before the oger. Not the one who sells information. The Mob merchant at the top of a tall cliff.


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Easy boss compared to the first one. Just stay at safe distance from the horse and his spear, dodge to your left, grap him as soon as you can. You can hit him 4 or 5 times, then use fire cracker, and hit him again.
Surprisingly easy compared to the one-shotting ogre or the drunkard...
This boss has special dialogue if you revive multiple times. 1st revive: "oh ho, you're still standing. I`Il strike you as many times as it takes..." 2nd revive: "Still you stand? Genichiro has many burdens... And I consider you one of them. "
I jumped off the clif in the back of the area and he followed me. We both died, but the game still recognized it as a win.
Why would you even do that?
Probably by accident


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yes! just got it! carefully moving around blocking attacks (dodging got me killed all the time). when i could grapple i pulled my self toward him and hit him once or twice. than block and use a firecracker and hit him some more. rinse and repeat. oh yeah the first time... i forgot to press R1 for the shinobi execution because i was so thrilled that i killed him... i can confirm he will wake up if you dont execute him right away XD. so dont be like me... execute his sorry *** XD



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They might as well combine the 'mini-boss' and 'boss' sections into one. The 'mini-boss' sounds like it'll be just a bump on the road. First real one, one shot god ogre with a massive health bar :D
Much easier than some of the minibosses. I struggled against Juzou the Drunkard or the Chained Ogre, but beat him first try.
The horse is really his major downfall, plus Mikiri is super effective against spear users.
Honestly this game is a joke. So frickin easy. Just spam L1 all the time until the occasional red chinese symbol pops up where you either L1 again or jump. A monkey could play this game
This boss is A LOT harder than Orphan of Kos, Ludwig or Laurence. Combined.
“Just spam L1 plus some other stuff” as opposed to spamming R1 lol
It's Japanese. And that's because you ARE a monkey.