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kill the sneaky***** with a gong sitting on the top of a wall on the right of uu, otherwise u will be gangbanged
The firecracker is your best friend here. Buy it from the crow, stealth kill Tenzen once then use it at the end of a combo attack from Wolf. It’ll keep him stun locked.
This! Omg this! First make sure you clear all the enemies, I like to start with gunman on left, then run back through passage, sneak then wall climb to get to the gong ringer, then proceed from there. Firecracker let's you start wailing on him, then throw another to keep wailing on him. Soulsbourne stunlock cheese! :D
You are a damn hero
I found double-kicking after his sweep attacks to be the most effective way of depleting his posture.
I can't believe how full of***** this wiki is... Of course is he optional, you *****ing morons.


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Thanks for the input bro. How about editing the page yourself? Do you understand how wikis work?


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Excellent comment and attitude. How dare they provide accurate information in a wiki. I'm sure you will succeed in life with manners like yours.
I bet you got destroyed by Tenzen and came here to cry.
Fire. If you have the Flame Vent, you can knock his vitality down real fast by hitting him with it after he does his jumping attack or massive sweeps. Just make sure you run up and slap him when he start glowing white and tries to recover his posture. I...need to get better at parrying.
Anybody know what the flag he's standing in front of says? My headcanon is it says something like "All Shinobi are Losers" =D
(You will have) the honour in death, without the humiliation of life: Source: I can read Chinese
He's real easy to kill after stealth deathblow by just dodging around and getting one or two hits in here and there. No need to deflect at all. The only attack that's tricky to dodge is the rush+flip attack that's weakly telegraphed.
Shigenori Yamauchi Tenzen Yamauchi Shibiku Toshikatsu Yamauchi Are they all related or something?
most likely the Yamauchi family is a vassal of the Ashina
Just deflect