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By Anonymous
Well, he was looting my lord's estate in the memory and now needs dead. I'm not sure if that means he's dead outside the memory or not. If he's dead... I guess it wasn't a memory and instead it was time travel.
By Anonymous
yah i killed him too :( wondering if i need to start the game over now :(
By Anonymous
did u guys ever find out what happens i did the same thing also since the first 2 major npcs cant be hurt i thought it was fine lol
By Anonymous
Did you restart?
By Anonymous
You can still beat the game without him, you just miss out on his shop and his quest.
By Anonymous
confirmed: hes no longer at his peddling spot after killing him. Im starting over haha .
By Anonymous
Sorry to break it to you after the fact that you had to restart your game, but the fact that it is time travel is already implied by using your prosthetic arm in the past...
By Anonymous
sorry to break it to you? are you literally a *****ing *
By Anonymous
In memory his dialog is probably a hint to the location of mist raven tool.
By Anonymous
When Anayama asks you for an employee to loot the battlefield for him. Someone strong and big. He is referring to Kotaro in Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo. If you give him the Red and White pinwheel he can be sent to Anayama for more items.
By Anonymous
Sent him back, added and updated shop table to include his items and price.
By Anonymous
Thought this guy was patches telling me to go to the top of hill to get an item...hmmm
By Anonymous
I accidentally hit him how do I reset his agro I really need those scrap irons and black power
By Anonymous
I just decided to kill him since I couldn’t do anything and no one wanted to help me
By Anonymous
It’s not that no one wanted to help we just don’t know much about the game yet.
By Anonymous
I'm not sure what triggered it, but he now sells divine confetti for 300 sen in infinite quantities. My game state is in night time so maybe that is related?
By Anonymous
maybe you send the giant/troll to him? I'm about to send him also..
By Anonymous
You need the Dragon's Tally Board from the corrupted monk in the palace
By Anonymous
when The Central Forces initiated their full assault, if you sent Kotaro to Anayama, you will find them behind their usual place. There, you found Kotaro already died, leaving only Anayama. When you asked him he said, The Central Forces took everything he had, both of them resisted, they killed Kotaro and injured Anayama in the process. He then proceed to sell you one last item, "Promissory Note" which gives you discount on merchants. After that he succumbed to his injuries. If you didn't sent Kotaro, you will found Anayama dead in his usual place and you won't get the Promissory Note.
By Anonymous
Gas anyone else confirmed this and made sure this is proper steps. There is no mention of promissory note either ANYWHERE on internet.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
That entry is wrong about impossible to obtain Kunai. Near the end of the game it appears in the offering box for 4500
By Anonymous
No it was right. It said it was impossible to "obtain from him". Since you have to get it from the box after his death. Understand context when you're reading, it goes a long way.
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