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By Winteriscuming18
Voiced by: my guess, Tom Kenny who voices Simon, the ice King from Adventure time
By Anonymous
Voiced by: my guess, Tom Kenny who voices Simon, the ice King from Adventure time
By Anonymous
ey b0ss, I have goods for sale.
By Anonymous
Probably my favorite character in the game. Straight-up Toshiro Mifune noble bandit (but only in Japanese—the English dub sucks.) Best written quest ending, as well, if you follow it all the way to the Promissory Note.
By Anonymous
i cant sell him the salt information, i completely eavesdropped and all but no additional option in his dialogue. he is sick tho, does he need to be healthy?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Cure dragon rot
By Anonymous
How did so many people kill this poor guy. Here's some question you should ask yourself before randomly attacking someone. 1: Can you target him? Does he have a health bar? 2: Is he aggressive at all? 3: Does he look different from any other enemy so far? I get how you suppose to be aggressive in this game, but damn calm down
By Anonymous
Bro I was talking to him and a guy came over and attacked me and I accidentally hit him while attacking the other guy and then I went to rest to lose his aggro but he is permanently aggroed at that point :/
By Anonymous
I accidently burnt him with shinobi' tool and he kept attacking me afterward.
Also it was at Ashina Outskirts. You CAN kill him in both locations i guess. The guide is wrong on this part
By Anonymous
And 4. is he Doujun? His rewards are garbage and he's scummy, if you wanna kill an npc before finishing their quest kill him
By Anonymous
I only killed him because I didn't think killing him in a ****ing MEMORY would make him disappear from the REAL world.
By Anonymous
I killed him because he's a looter. Nothing personal kid but I have moral standards.
By Anonymous
Man, I wish there was an alternate route for him if you don't send Kotaro to him. I don't like leaving him hanging.
By Anonymous
I killed his *** for stealing, well rip his goods now
By Anonymous
Interesting thing happened. On my first playthrough, I sent Kotaro, completed Anayamas questline, and bought the Promissory note. On NG+ I did the exact same thing, but instead of getting the promissory note a second time (obviously cant), it asked if I wanted to buy a Dragons Blood Droplet for 1 sen. I said yes, and it gave me a divine grass lol. So I guess Anamaya's questline is a guaranteed divine grass per playthrough after you've received the promissory note.
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