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By Anonymous
Kills Ayanama the Peddler at Hirata Estate should give you a game over screen and Patch yelling > "Wolf, what have you done? You changed the future! You've created a time paradox!!"
By Anonymous
its not the actual past, its your memory. So "desyncronised" as assassin's creed says.
By Anonymous
In new game plus, if you already had a promissory note from previous playthroughs, you can buy a dragons blood droplet from anayama after ashima outskirts is under attack. But, instead of adding a dragons blood droplet to your inventory you get a divine grass instead. This is assuming you followed anayamas quest and sent kotaru to him.
By Anonymous
Pretty sure you can't send Jinzaemon to him because he also wants someone who's stupid. Which poor Kotaro would qualify as, whereas Jinzaemon seems like he still has his wits about him.
By Anonymous
Well I killed him in the Young Masters Memory because he reminded me of patches and this results in him not being a vendor in the present time line of the game.
By Anonymous
How did he get Lady Butterfly's kunai..?
By Anonymous
3 years ago, at hirata estate, he loot butterfly's kunai after sekiro killed her.
By Anonymous
I kill him while I sent Kotaro to stay with him is it wrong choice?
By Anonymous
this guy is definitely patches: his vest is full of patches he has an eye patch used to be a thief, now a merchant tell you about the pagoda with a very tough early game enemy there that will wreck you trolls you at the end with a promissory note that he stuffed near his nutsack which still smells "fresh" he died and had the last lough and even got a sen for it
By Anonymous
This dude was definitely my favorite npc in the game. I dunno I've always liked the "humble merchant" kind of characters that strive for wealth. Patches was always a favorite (despite getting kicked by him into a hole I still loved him) and the armourer dude in ds2 who loses his mind and makes me sad. They all have kinda sad endings but that makes them even better characters
By Anonymous
Patches confirmed
By Anonymous
I like to think his eye-patch is a subtle nod to patches, although maybe I'm reading into that a bit too far lol
By Anonymous
Why did so many people just kill him at Hirata Estate? you're not supposed to kill NPCs in from software games.
By Anonymous
because it's not real, hirata estate is implied to be a memory
By Anonymous
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