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By Anonymous
***** i killed that guy...
By Anonymous
Man i literally killed him 5 minutes before finding out that he was a merchant lmao im so f*cked
By Anonymous
Don’t kill NPC’s this is like a FromSoftware 101, just don’t do it
By Anonymous
Actually killing NPCs in the previous Fromsoftware games was the only way to obtain certain unique items/spells, Sekiro is the only game where killing NPCs gets you literally nothing of value.
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By Secthelock
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can anyone confirm that his chain can still be done after finishing all of Mibu Village, but before killing owl? can anyone confirm that his quest can be done after killing owl? can anyone say at what point this quest permanently closes? is it after the boss in Fountainhead?
By Anonymous
After killing Owl but before going to the Fountainhead palace, I cured Dragonrot for the first time this playthrough. I then gave the red and white "flower" to Kotaro and sent them to the peddler. The peddler was still alive at that point, but I can't seem to trigger them moving to a the last location.
By Anonymous
"It's what you might call a sinking ship UHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHHU"
By Anonymous
If you've been following his quest, make sure you stock up on ako sugars before he dies, as he's the only guy to have an unlimited supply
By Anonymous
His quest can be finished at the same time as the Ashina Castle Invasion but before you make your choice at the Owl boss.
By Anonymous
I sent him Kotaro and am now in Foutainhead and he still hasn't switched locations or sells the Note. Kotaro still sitting next to him as well. Any ideas? Not sure what I could have possibly done to bug this out.
By Anonymous
To anyone reading this with the same problem, I figured it out. It will happen AFTER Divine Dragon fight, and as someone else said, stock up on candies before that happens. Cheers.
By Anonymous
Man, his final quotes made me sad. Guy took a liking at that Monk manchild, and stayed a loyal merchant till the end to the Wolf, even went from “ i have nothing more to sell, But from this one Sen ill make a mountain of gold”. Tbh Dark souls 3 didnt have any Npc for me that made sad when they died, But despite this guy being minor, his demise shook me
By Anonymous
actualy its about translation man, some game with japanese language were wrongly translated [diferent accent, phrase, and diction] so you feel diferent atmosphere and it makes you sad / not sad / funny / curious,, for the example: Monster Hunter World,, the atmosphere there shoulde be curious research & funny hunting,, but if you set it in english audio or english sub & dont know japanese language/culture/accent im sure it will feels plain and boring,,
By Anonymous
I got a bit of a patches vibe from him so I've killed him instantly I regret it as i can't get the kunai
By Anonymous
it will appear in your donation box I believe.
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