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By Anonymous
Since you can send Kotaro as well as the Samurai to the dungeon (the one who wants to find the girl playing the instrument). Someone should try if you can send the Samurai to Anayama instead of Kotaro. Maybe then they will survive later on?
By Anonymous
You cannot send the Samurai (Jinzaemon) to Anayama. Tried it before he moved from his second spot in the Abandoned Dungeon/Bottomless Hole, and the only option was to either send him to the Doujun or tell him nothing.
By Anonymous
Has anyone else confirmed the existence of promissory note and how much of discount, at what vendors, etc etc. I can find no mention of it anywhere on internet other than the reply below about kotaro and merchant quest line.
By Anonymous
Can confirm you get it. You have to buy it from him for 1 gold. Gives a 10% discount. Works with info broker merchant and memorial mob. Dunno if it sticks into ng+.
By Anonymous
It sticks to ng+.
By Anonymous
didn't recognize him in hirata estate and kill him, cause i thought marauders deserve death. Only after finishing blow it clicked in my head... So now i don't have him in present time :P
By Anonymous
He says something along the lines of "I used to be a thief but I'm a humble merchant now" My patches incarnation senses are tingling...
By Anonymous
Ah, bollocks. I thought he was just a common thief back at Hirata Estate, so I whooped his ***. Guess I'm not killing anyone you can talk to anymore.
By Anonymous
I couldn't kill him in Hirata Estate
By Anonymous
If you kill him dont restart! I got it late game when the war starts for 4500 Sen at the offering box at dilapidated templed
By Anonymous
rest in piece my man T.T
By Anonymous
Does anyone know his voice actor in english? I'm pretty sure it's the dude from Are You Afraid of The Dark lol. I want to confirm.
By Anonymous
Promissory Note carries over to Ng+ making stuff cheaper at shops.
By Anonymous
Crap I killed him at the estate
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