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By SwordSaint
For anyone wondering NO you do not get anything for killing anayama nothing unic at least just a bit of gold and little to no exp. I tried this myself to prove it
By Anonymous
God dammit I ****ed up. I just started and accidentally aggrod him at hirata estate. How ****ed am I??
By SwordSaint
A bunch but you can still get the phantom Junaid from the offering box near the sculptor and right next to heaven (The immirtal guy that helps you train)
By Anonymous
Am I the only person that completely missed this guy and got upset when I found out he is the only way to reliably get akos sugar?
By Anonymous
i killed this dude out of pure irrational impulse and now im suffering that kotaro will be alone
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This guy’s English voice alone was enough for me to continue his quest.
By Anonymous
After the first conversation I immediately killed him, no regrets.
By Anonymous
Stereotypical toxic FromSoft fanboy
By Anonymous
lol u just lost the best merchant in the game
By Anonymous
Lowkey my eyes got watery with the dialogue at the end of his quest (when you send kotaro to him). It's so sad wtf
By Anonymous
Need some help here please.

I have progressed to ashina castle siege and killed the boss at the top of the castle. Also previously done the upgrade of his shop by sending Kotaro to help him.

However, he still stays at the same spot with Kotaro on his side. I’m happy they look happy but I really want to get that discount item.

Any idea why he has not changed his location?

By Anonymous
You need to defeat the boss of Fountainhead Palace first.
By Anonymous
id give up the item to get him back, treasure what you have dude
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