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The second piece of trivia is wrong. In Ng+2 I didn't speak to him until just before O'rin, his dialogue was the normal first encounter lines and he had moved to his final location once I reloaded the area
This *****ing guy. I was okay with Saint Isshin. I was okay with The Hatred Demon. But this mother*****er made me lose my mind screaming at the end of the surgeon's quest. It's not that he is difficult to fight, it's the *****ING ARENA! WHat kind of garbage place to put a miniboss is that? It's extremely tiny, irregularly shaped and sloped, there's a crapton of things lying on the ground that you can get stuck on, and BEST of all, this ******'s favourite attack is a lightning fast dash that instakills you EVEN if you try to dodge or block it. Relatively doable miniboss turned into an absolute nightmare because of the worst battle area in the entire game.
Use Gachiin’s Sugar and I promise you can sneak along the front of that landmass, jump to the dock where the gunman used to be, double jump on top of the cage, kill Dojun and then sneak kill Jinzaemon. No fight needed
Stealth kill is the ***** way, be an honorable shinobi and clang your katanas to death.
Stealth kills are exactly what shinobi are about...
Gotta agree with that...
I haven't fought him but I did fight the taro guy there and do agree about the landscape being a mfkr
The very beginning of the game you learn honor is nothing without victory you amn fool. Thats how you lose an arm
>He has a Westernized Japanese accent What? This is completely different. No one in Japan thinks so.
I think he is a descendant of O'rin and Sakuza. O'rin was likely a mistress of the lord a long time ago, but something terrible probably happened (likely Sakuza either died, Sakuza's legitimate wife didn't want him seeing O'rin anymore, or O'rin died) and they could never be together again. Whatever did happen, O'rin probably gave birth to an illegitimate son beforehand. An unknown amount of years pass and that illegitimate son started a family and generations down the line comes Jinzaemon. The tragic/horrible circumstances of O'rin's death made her into a dangerous Yurei spirit, so she continues to haunt the land, forever calling to Sakuza and the son she never knew. Jinzaemon's father probably had some idea of the situation, likely through an old legend passed down and by hearing O'rin's melody himself but somehow being able to resist the call, and that's where we get the warning Jinzaemon mentioned. Something must have changed, either Jinzaemon was especially weak-willed or O'rin became more powerful and now the melody became irresistible. In the end O'rin happily departed for the afterlife, taking the soul of her "son" with her. Jinzaemon died because of the sins of his ancestors, but at least O'rin's curse is broken and she will no longer haunt the land and murder anyone she encounters.
I have played on Japanese dub from day one, and no, he speaks Japanese normally
When you first meet him at the start of the game, he immediately attacked me??? He just asked if i can hear the melody and i replied with ''I dont'' and he instantly said ''Give me back the melody'' and attacked me.
Someone confirm this please.
Playing on PC, tried fighting him & Doujun together & red-eyed with no damage. A self-imposed challenge, really, but seriously, their fight is easily the most difficult mini-boss fight. Since they are basically 2 mini-bosses that I've chosen to fight together, their AI isn't coded to give breathers, like the Headless Ape and his waifu do in his 2nd phase, meaning they are aggressive AF. Doujun & Jinzaemon probably took me several dozen tries to beat as well as hundreds of spirit emblems in Leaping Flame & Flame Vent charges (don't have the Mist Raven upgrade yet). Also, for some reason Jinzaemon's thrust in this state seems to be bugged and cannot be Mikiri'd. Attempting to Mikiri simply results into a forward dodge with his thrust not dealing damage. I'm not sure about encountering him alone, but I'm certain that this bug is active when fighting him with Doujun.
Te mikiri doesn't work with him alone either
Seeing as how I didn't find this information here, I thought I'd let you know: I only met him in the Ashina Reservoir before finding him after the Headless Ape fight. In other words, you don't need to find him in the Abandoned Dungeon to progress the questline.
O'rin says something along the lines of "Lord Sakuza brought that child in his stead..." so I think it can be said safely that she is his mother, and that Sakuza is the father of Jinzaemon. Which is why his father told him to never go there, as it would be the death of him. I am not sure why that is so though, perhaps it is a reference to a story of a person of the lower caste having a child with a lord? Would like to see my questions answered one day in the trivia section...
Seems legit
Sending him to the dungeon actually ends his quest. I know cuz I learned that the hard way