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By Anonymous
actually quite easy if you deflect. you know, the core combat mechanic of the game? use it

alternatively get the lotus umbrella and use it's projected force attack after deflecting with it, and buy the red gourd from hirata
By Anonymous
Tried the deflect technique after really struggling with this thing and beat it in two tries. Hardest part is baiting the attack correctly, try and stay in control and keep your distance most of time, and don’t get greedy, two hits while he’s stunned , then run directly away. It definitely feels more like a Sekiro boss if you fight it like this, I even think I had some fun
By Anonymous
literally the easiest prayer bead in the game. Just sprint behind him. You have unlimited stamina, use it. Don't dodge just sprint.
By Anonymous
a.k.a the drift king
By Anonymous
this has to be one of the most rancid and horrible bosses theyve ever made. what couldve been a kinda okay idea turns into an anticlimactic spamfest with a boss that a) constantly runs away and b) can one shot you at this point. the fountainhead one is even worse
By Anonymous
How do you not have the First Prayer Necklace at this point? There's 6 available before any boss, and a 7th after Gyoubu. Even if you ignore Hirata Estate, there's still 3 minibosses and a chest in Ashina Outskirts before the bull.
By Anonymous
whoever created this boss needs to be burned alive
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